EA Black Friday Only 70% OFF

Another Black Friday Ludos Mundi Exclusive

Provided by Our Friends At E.A.

These are some of the games on sale Black Friday Only. Get The Full Details.

Need for Speed Most Wanted
Medal of Honor Warfighter
The Sims 3 Showtime
The Sims 3 Supernatural
NHL 13
Madden NFL 13
FIFA Soccer 13

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aliengmr1888d ago

Way to 'not' offer deep discounts, wouldn't want to cheapen any franchises.

Blacktric1887d ago

"Great Deals All Weekend at Origin!"

I have to reinstall the botware again? No thanks.

Canary1887d ago


It's EA. What did you expect?

aliengmr1887d ago

I was actually being sarcastic in response to EA saying that offering 'deep discounts'(below 50%) cheapens franchises and they wouldn't do that. If fact they specifically mentioned 70% as being way too low. This was an attack on Valve's summer sale.

I expected EA to do what EA always does, copy a competitor in order to replicate success.

BattleAxe1888d ago

I still won't use Origin.

pandehz1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Well you're missing out on BF3 then.

Have had no issues with Origin, I have so many games on Origin and no problems at all. Its a tiny program that takes up a super tiny spot in my 8gb ram lol lol

No complaints.

Norrison1887d ago

BF3 is shit on consoles only.

jmc88881888d ago

Key phrase is...up to 70 percent off. I'm sure there will still be some decent discounts, but seeing how they're most likely discounting from $60, if it's 30 percent of MoH, that would still make it $42.

If you can stand Origin, or EA, might be worth a look. I try to stay away from it, but with some games, you simply don't have an alternative.

brish1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

"... some games, you simply don't have an alternative. "

The alternative is to not buy it any play other games.

brish1887d ago

That should say:
The alternative is to not buy it AND play other games.

mochachino1888d ago

Are you sure that their not promising 70% off then later withdrawing the offer because too many people used tried using it.

I'm still waiting for my promised discount for filling out their stupid survey. EA can go frap themself.

PooEgg1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

I got my discount. About a week after they pulled the offer due to the issue of people taking advantage of it they sent out e-mails to everyone who took the survey properly. Not sure why you didn't get it though.

profgerbik1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

I have never used Origin, does anyone know if the Need for Speed Most Wanted is physical copy or not for the PS Vita?

I am looking to get it for the Vita but I want a physical copy, not digital.

LiViNgLeGaCY1887d ago

It's both. Like all retail games for the Vita.

Hope that answers your question. :)

profgerbik1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Yea but with other things like PC you can choose physical copy but I noticed when trying to get NFS : MW it doesn't give that option for the Vita.

Not sure if it's download only or how origin even works exactly.

I just know I couldn't find an option to choose physical copy for the Vita version.

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