Yes, The Wii U Will Upscale Your Wii Games

Rejoice my friends, the Wii U does in fact upscale games to 720p and 1080p. As pointed out by NeoGAF user SPE, while the games are upscaled to HD, the native resolution of the Wii games are still the same. The result is a clear and sharper image for almost every Wii game available, but with really clear and pixelated edges.

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Qrphe2011d ago

>the native resolution of the Wii games are still the same

>The result is a clear and sharper image for almost every Wii game available, but with really clear and pixelated edges.

Why do most of these reports fail to mention that the differences of Wii games on Wii U and Wii games on the Wii are due to the HDMI cable?

LightofDarkness2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

It will not look any different. If you've played the Wii on a HDTV before, you will know what to expect. Before this, the TV did the upscaling (otherwise you'd be playing the games in a tiny little 640x480 window in the middle of the screen), the only difference now is that the upscaling is done before the signal reaches the TV. So your TV will say "1080p", but the image is just an stretched out 480p image, same as before. There can be differences between scalers, but they're rarely anything to write home about.

The only difference you'll see may come from the use of HDMI over composite/component cables. Das it.

lashes2ashes2010d ago

I love it. I have a 1500 doller led tv and my wii when plugged into it would only play in a small box with lots of snow in the picture. So now I have a clear image with full screen... And sadly really bad looking textures. Any time I looked at wii on a HDTV it was never upscaled so I'm thinking a lot of people's tv would not do upscaling of the wii.

LightofDarkness2010d ago

Wow, $1500 for a TV that has no SD scaling? Methinks you've been ripped off, I only imagined the cheapest of TVs would forego a scaler to reduce costs.

How did you watch SDTV? Unless, of course, you had a HD capable set top box (DTV, Cable, Satellite). I would be appalled if someone sold me a TV at that price that couldn't accept a SD signal and fill the screen (regardless of how ugly it is).

skyrimer2010d ago

I don't care, I can play almost all wii games in 1080p with stereo 3d on my PC with the dolphin emulator.

2010d ago
lashes2ashes2010d ago

@lightofdarkness I never said my tv could not play sd signals it won't do the wii for some reason, plus no I don't watch anything in sd all my tv channels are in hd and most people me included don't give a care about sd. My tv was expensive because its 55inch full array led with active 3d. It's not a off brand like westing house or elament either. So show me a tv from two years ago that was either Sony,vizio,Samsung or sharp with those specs for under 1500 I looked at newegg,amazon best buy,wallmart and Fred Meyers and that was the best you could get at the time for under 2000. So no I did not get ripped off lol

christheredhead2010d ago

That does seem kind of pricey. I mean I bought a Bravia for 800 that seems to be the same as what you described, minus the 3d. Unless you paid 700 extra for 3d. Not sure.

Yet, any basic HDTV should allow for customization of signal whether it be HD or SD. You should try double checking your options. The tv should allow for 16:9 or 4:3 as well as upscaling SD signal all the way to 1080p (not that I would recommend it though.)

lashes2ashes2010d ago

You might be right. I checked the menu and could not find anything that worked I could stretch the image or use panoramic but it would be stretched lol. I have a 42 inch vizio I got in 2010 and it playes full screen but it won't upscale the image ether. Two years ago when I bought my tv there were a couple sets that were about 900 dollars with 3d but it was shit passive theater 3D and they were under 50 inch. My tv is the most expensive vizio that was on the market. I was going to buy a Samsung but after reading reviews on cnet I went with the vizio because image quality was top rated and it was 480hz. Now that I think about it I'm sure I could force my tv to upscale it by telling it not to do 480p or 480i like ps3 upscales but I'm not shure if my tv would like it very much lol

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