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Miiverse: The Wii U's Killer App?

GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes:

When Nintendo announced Miiverse I said “Cool, another non-gaming feature I’ll rarely use.” Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Miiverse is actually pretty useful and one of the best ‘non-gaming’ features to come along in a long time. Here’s why Miiverse succeeds and a few suggestions on how Nintendo can improve the service. (Wii U)

Phil32  +   516d ago
I would probably find the community aspects of Miiverse more engaging than the community aspects of trophies and achievements, which I don't really care about all the time. It would be fun to see communities on Wii U for third party games share messages with the world and help each other out.
DeeZee  +   516d ago
There's one for every game, that includes third party ones.
DwightOwen  +   516d ago
Miiverse is flat-out @#$%ing brilliant, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Sony or Microsoft incorporate something similar into their next consoles.
MNGamer-N  +   516d ago
Miiverse is amazing! I spend almost as much time on there chatting and viewing awesome user artwork, posts and gaming tips as I do playing the games. I love it so far and it is just the beginning.. It has room to grow and become better over the course of the next few years. Addicted!
DeeZee  +   516d ago
Same here, I love all the fan art and hearing what people have to say about certain games.
mrbojingles  +   516d ago
Miiverse is a blast and deserves all the praise it gets!
for we are many  +   516d ago
I have been a gamer for over 28 years, and I can say with certainty that Miiverse is the best social interactive app in the history of videogames, it's fun, helpful, fresh and above all addicting. I am having a blast using it and can't stop myself from accessing it mid-game to post something funny or helpful, typed or hand written/drawn, and continue to use it forgetting that I am in the middle of a game!!

Besides, Nano Assault Neo is AWESOME. I had to get that off my chest!!
CaptainN  +   516d ago
Miiverse was the thing that I most anticipated about Wii-U, and I am glad that my gut was right about it. It's a great feature to have and it makes gamer interactions much more fun and enjoyable. Good job Nintendo on making your own community from scratch!
DivineAssault  +   516d ago
Miiverse is cool cuz i tried it at my cousins house.. Its like Facebook for Nintendo Network users.. Pretty cool i think & will be console standard nx gen..
The_Infected  +   516d ago
I have to agree that Miiverse is absolutely amazing. Now I don't really care about game reviews from over paid sites anymore. I'll go to Miiverse where real gamers can tell everyone how good the game is. Miiverse is the best social gaming experience on a console ever.

One other note is nearly everyone on Miiverse likes ZombiU while nearly all review sites didn't like it. I guess that's a sign review sites really don't know gaming like the gamers themselves. If gamers see the reviews they are turned off. I can't tell you how many ask on Miiverse is ZombiU any good because the reviews are mostly bad. Almost everyone says they really like it. So Miiverse actually sells the game more than off putting review sites.
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ScubaSteve1  +   516d ago
does anyone know how people are taking screen shots
The_Infected  +   516d ago
You press the home button in any part of a game which "always captures whats on the screen at that time" and then click Miiverse and when you go to post something it will have a screenshot icon which brings up a screenshot of whats on the TV and one of whats on the gamepad to post.
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neogeo  +   515d ago
Wow! mind blown!
Nevers0ft  +   515d ago
This is good info! I was under the impression it stored the last two TV screenshots from the Giantbomb video stream. It's good to know it's actually the TV and Gamepad.
DeeZee  +   516d ago
While playing a game hit the home button and go to Miiverse and post about the game. You'll see an icon on the right that lets you pick a screenshot. You have to be playing the game, though.

Hope that helps!

Edit: Marcus beat me lol :)
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ScubaSteve1  +   515d ago
thanks guys
DEEBO  +   515d ago
Yeah it's cool to see all the comments,screen shots & artwork when you turn on the wiiu.some people have nice skill' in the drawing department.and it let's you know what the people are playing by having their mii's meet up by the game icon.i know the new ps4 or the next xbox are going to be a better system power wise but i'm not going to sit back and miss out on a new system because sony and MS are trying to recover the money they lost generation.things change and it's hard for some to accept it but cut yourself short on one of the best hobby's in the world over brand loyalty.i love sony this generation,i loved the first xbox,dreamcast was sweet just loss support.i been gaming 30+yrs and one thing i learn is your're going to have to buy new systems to injoy gaming.it's that simple.gaming is always in evolution,from the graphics to the way we control them.from 8 to 16 bits to joystick to a gamepad.don't turn our hobby into something ugly,help it grow.it was a bad time when gaming almost died.let's not make those mistakes again.support gaming on all system's.

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