The Last Story sells well and gets a price drop

The Last Story is selling great, and it's getting a price drop!

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Gr811797d ago

About this game..Might pick it up in the future.

Myst1797d ago

It is a rather good game I got the special edition back when it first released. Still need to finish it but from the amount of time invested I enjoyed pretty much every second. The voice acting is quite good and the game play is nice. Haven't tried online though figured not a lot have had it. Overall it is really good.

Gr811797d ago

Thanks for the info.

maximus19851797d ago

same here im interested in this. whats the best thing you liked about it story, combat system, characters?

Myst1797d ago

I would have to say a combination would be hard to pin point just one thing and say I liked it overall. Everything just seemed to flow together nicely in a way that made it all the more enjoyable for me. While the combat is nice the characters and their abilities is what drove it home to for me. The story itself while I'm not far has some interesting developments in it as well.

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neogeo1797d ago

I'm still working on xenoblade. Loving it, maybe this is next?

maximus19851797d ago

i had xenoblade and it was good but i just wasnt smart enough when it came to understanding how to damage mechs with the manado

stragomccloud1797d ago

It's dificult. You have to cause topple. The only way to cause topple to the larger mechs was when you build your bar high enough to do that everyone combo thing. Then you just have as many people use the topple inducing attack as possible. I got stuck too.

animegamingnerd1797d ago

i glad i am not alone on this

GraveLord1797d ago

Price drops happen when it doesn't sell well.

Gr811797d ago

I heard this was their best selling title they've developed...

Nice try.

Venox20081796d ago

or they want even bigger sales