PlayStation Store Global Update – November 20, 2012

Each week Sony brings PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable owners new content, add-ons, games and more. PlayStation LifeStyle catalogs the PlayStation Store updates for the major regions across the globe. Check back every Tuesday and Wednesday to keep up to date with each week's PlayStation Store Update.

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ftwrthtx1949d ago

PS+ for the Vita is now officially here.

decimalator1949d ago

Woot! Now I just need to make room on my memory card. Oi

ftwrthtx1949d ago

My 16gb card is totally full.

Army_of_Darkness1949d ago

Crap, now I Have too buy a vita! since I just downloaded all the free games!:-D

Akuma-1949d ago

sony needs to release a 120gb memory card for the ps vita and id be willing to pay 120quid for it

dbjj120881949d ago

Finally! PlayStation has gone from "no games" to "FREE GAMES!"

knifefight1949d ago

I'd gotten by to this point without any digital games, but now the DL versions of PS All Stars via Cross Buy and Gravity Rush and Uncharted via PS Plus are going to change that. NOW is when I get that 32 gig card out of its packaging.

Myst1949d ago

Oh wait it's Cross buy!? I didn't even notice that may have to just buy mine online then instead of going to the store and buying.

dbjj120881949d ago

My 16 GB card is going to be filled to the brim with these games. I already own Gravity Rush but having it digitally means I can play it anytime off the memory card.

doctorstrange1949d ago

Awesome update going into the hols

jonboi241949d ago


Heisenburger1949d ago

If you look under "other freebies", or whatever it is called, they have a Sonic bundle which includes Sonic 1 & 2 for free.

At least in North America, that is. For some reason it isn't under the game section.


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