Rareware Working on Top Secret Project of Ultimate Secrecy

In the blitzkrieg of information filtered through yesterday in order to root out all of the new tidbits on Banjo-Threeie, it seems we overlooked something in our overzealousness.

However, those at Xbox 360 Fanboy lived up to their names as they dug through and found information hinting at an as-yet unannounced new title by those brilliantly bouncy, bubbly bear-building boys in Britain.

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TrevorPhillips3655d ago

this is gonna be interesting :)

sonarus3655d ago

maybe it will be a new perfect dark a better one or maybe KI3. I wouldnt mind either

Play B3yond3655d ago

Ima smack maself if i see this article pic one more time.

SRuN43655d ago

I still say it's another Perfect Dark game. My guess is the last line hints at Goldeneye? But it doesnt matter because all those guys are gone. It'd be like everyone at Bungie leaving and then them announcing Halo 4. It's the people who make the game.

It is interesting though to say the least.

InYourMom3655d ago

Nice to see more and more game announcements/rumors starting to trickle out. I think this is only the beginning..

You just don't have a year like the 360 did in 07 and not have a follow-up for 08.

power of Green 3655d ago

Very true, to think the 360 having a great couple of years and not have the real positive effect later on due all that success is ludicrous. Cause and Effect and we've only made it through the cause so far.

Lord_Ash3655d ago

In the past whenever I hear Rareware is making a game I know that I’m going to buy it on day one regardless of what it may be, but now I say to my self “I’ll wait and see”.

Anyway I love new IPs and hope Rare makes a good one.

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The story is too old to be commented.