Resistance Collection Lands on PS3 December 5th

PS US Blog - This holiday season just got better. Resistance Collection is hitting stores starting December 5th for $39.99, and it makes a great gift for any shooter fan who hasn’t had a chance to experience one of the best FPS trilogies on PS3.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2039d ago

I wanna play resistance fom again but I just can't with that control scheme. If they update it to match R2's or R3's I'd play it again.

SoapShoes2039d ago

Ummmm the controls are completely customizable. You can change any button to do anything.

kreate2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )


EDIT: Glad its 39.99 and not 59.99

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2038d ago

Can you really? I've played rfom like 8 times and I never knew that.

BigStef712039d ago

Definitely picking this up never got a chance to play the first two games

showtimefolks2039d ago

resistance 1-3 are excellent games

resistance 2 is more COD but the 8 player co-op is a blast. i believe one of the biggest reason why resistance 3 didn't do as well was because for some weird reason insomniac removed the best feature in form of 8 player co-op

i still liked the single player of all 3 games best is resistance 3 than 1 and than 2nd.

online resistance 2 co-op than resistance 3 online than resistance 1

must play. hopefully this collection will mean more people online for co-op for resistance 2

calis2039d ago

I thought R2 was the best of the series. It's such an under-rated and under-appreciated game.

showtimefolks2039d ago

IMO Resistance 2 was a complete resistance game it had a good long story and really polished MP. 8 P Layers co-op was my favorite.

single player wise it was too COD a like. I feel like Resistance 1 painted a much darker theme to where resistance 2 went for big set pieces and what were those things in water you just couldn't kill. some bad gameplay choices

don't get me wrong i bought it and really liked it but if it didn't have the 8 player co-op i would have really hated it. that was the saving grace for me

3 resistance games for 40 bucks with all the dlc i think is a awesome deal. I hope all 3 are on retail disks, if any of it is digital than it no buy for me.

sony did a poor job when it came to supporting resistance 3 advertisement wise. its one of the better FPS with a really great single player. i feel like the online code also killed the community.

resistance franchise is the step-child for sony while Killzone is the favorite child lol. i love both

calis2038d ago

R3 had a really great story I thought. I really felt the isolation of humanity with Capelli.

I hope these games might refresh the online components.

SonyStyled2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

be prepared for Resistance 2 when you hear "Sir, i was just scouting up ahead and awwhhhhhhhh". awesome and brutal :)

nevin12039d ago

A another way to define this gen is re-releases of PS2/PS3 games.

GraveLord2039d ago

What's the problem? It's not like Sony isn't release new IP.....

BattleAxe2039d ago

It would be nice if they'd release this on the Playstation Store.

SolidGear32039d ago

I believe they're all available to download on the PSN

Neo Nugget2039d ago

I don't think they are. Not in the US at least.

Neo-Axl2039d ago

I wonder if they'd give the first game a Trophy patch.. if so, I'd dust off my very first PS3 game for some more chaotic co-op fun!

Seriously though, Resistance Fall Of Man is brilliant, back in the day Motorstorm & RFOM were the only games I owned for a while for my PS3.

Ah.. Good times :') well worth picking up!

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The story is too old to be commented.