Does the Wii U Upscale After All?

Raymond McCrum wrote: "While trying out Wii games on my new Wii U, I noticed my set was reading the signal as 1080p. The game I tested appeared to look a bit sharper and more vibrant than I recalled. Making sure I wasn’t just falling for the excitement of a new console, I decided to compare some screens of games running on both the Wii and Wii U."

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Chug1978d ago

So we're comparing component vs hdmi?

TheBardsSong1977d ago

I can do another comparison with component if you wish, and update the article.

Jek_Porkins1978d ago

As a proud Wii U owner, it does upscale and smooth out standard Wii games. I started playing through Skyward Sword again on my Wii U and it looks fantastic, wide screen and up-scaled.

LKHGFDSA1978d ago

didn't you see the comparison video here though?

Qrphe1978d ago

@Chug yes we are, that's ALL we're comparing. But watch people STILL talk about how much significantly better Wii games run on Wii U.

yewles11978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Perhaps Wii games just show 1080p external, just like PC Dark Souls before mods or certain PS3 games like the Uncharted games where unchecking 720p shows the games playable in 1080p external while locking internal res to 720p. (In contrast, God of War III DOES upscale to 1080p and looks great, IMO)

AznGaara1978d ago

Sure its not just the TV upscaling the image?

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