Razer Upgrades DeathAdder Gaming Mouse writes, "Like its predecessor, the new Razer DeathAdder will feature Synapse 2.0 support for effortless synching of settings and profiles automatically with the cloud. Razer Synapse 2.0 is an innovative proprietary software that intuitively functions as the Razer DeathAdder’s brain – automatically syncing the gaming mouse to a remote server to download driver and firmware updates, as well as save individual game settings..."

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beerkeg1981d ago

Hmm, might have to get one of these, I'm in need of a decent mouse.

dredgewalker1981d ago

If you need a more than decent mouse that's really cheap but durable I've been using A4tech gaming mouse for over a year and it still works great. For $20 you can't go wrong.

beerkeg1981d ago

Cheers for the advice, gonna have a look into it.

dredgewalker1981d ago

The only question is are you a palm gripper or a claw gripper? I'm more of a palm gripper so I got the x710bh. You don't need expensive mouses to have a good gaming experience. If you look around there are great mouses out there that won't put a hole in your pocket.

saint_seya1981d ago

I have the rzer deathadder #the first one# and i believe is great.. dun feel the need of the upgrade yet, but this one could be considered once mine dies

dirthurts1981d ago

Same here. Amazing mouse. Can't imagine ever really needing anything better.