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DmC Devil May Cry Demo Hits PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Tynan Muddle at writes: Capcom today released a demo for upcoming DmC Devil May Cry on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE. Players will be able to sample the combat and weapons that can be found in the main game, including Dante’s trusty Rebellion and Ebony & Ivory (DmC: Devil May Cry, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Lovable  +   1171d ago
I tried it last night and it was pretty damn good. Though I feel like the visual is kind of weird...shame since this is a Capcom game means it automatically goes to bargain bin before I pick it up.
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saf100792  +   1171d ago
I played it for a few minutes and got bored really quick. Not to mention it was incredibly easy. Maybe its just me but the combat system feels incredibly limited compared to other DMC's.
Awesome_Gamer  +   1171d ago
Agree, it felt really easy or more simplefied compared to past installments, and it feels sluggish, not as smooth as the old DMCs imo.
Skate-AK  +   1171d ago
Less smoothness if probably cause by them dropping that framerate from 60fps to 30fps.
saf100792  +   1171d ago
Exactly. Not nearly as face paced as the old ones. And the combat doesn't flow. Nothing mixes well to where it looks like a combo. Just a bunch of individual attacks. And I'm not a fan of the devil trigger either. I wanted to like this game. But with the way the demo is I can't see me paying more than 30 for it
360ICE  +   1171d ago
I'm 100% sure there will be several difficulty settings in the finished game, mind.

It took me by suprise, I thought it was great!
Blacktric  +   1171d ago
"I'm 100% sure there will be several difficulty settings in the finished game, mind."

Not understanding the difference between actual difficulty and crappy combat mechanics making a game easy...

Have fun with your "new" DmC running at 30 FPS and featuring no manual lock on, no jump cancelling, no wall jump, devil trigger being just crappy slow mo mode and combat styles being crammed under two crappy segments called angelic and demonic and with a cliche story that has extremely unnecessary nods to real life on top like "Vergil" making crappy threat videos while wearing a mask *cough* anonymous *cough* and old characters being torn apart in terms of design alongside Dante (Vergil using guns, Mundus now being spelled wrong) etc.
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saf100792  +   1171d ago
Well yea ur right theres multiple difficulties on it but i played it on the hardest setting and breezed right through. I mean I understand its a demo and all but sheesh I don't think i got hit lol
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360ICE  +   1171d ago
Here's your comment read back to you:
"I don't like change" :P

I admit I miss a few of the elements you mentioned. Lock on in particular, but hey, DMC is good for some new stuff now too. I thought the juggling/combo stringing was improved in many ways.

I'm fairly sure the hardest setting isn't even in the demo. Also, it's an early level and all that.
ThanatosDMC  +   1171d ago
It's not about improving the juggling/combo/stringing... that's a skill thing on old DMC games. This game is hand holding us too much. If you're into hardcore games being dumbed down for casuals, good for you.

Agreed with Blacktric completely. They've put so much BS into this new fake dmc game.
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saf100792  +   1171d ago
@360 ur probably right but the demo shows 4 difficulties with 3 being unlocked. I picked the hardest one and im gonna guess that was normal. But it felt like very easy is what im saying
Gohadouken  +   1171d ago
Now that the game is playable and as bad as expected for those already not fan .... and of course awesome for those already fans , that's the new silly defense we'll get to see around ? "It will be more challenging on higher difficulties ?" .

Meh , i'm sure Hanna Montana is harder on higher difficulty settings , if there are any . The game still remain the same , as bad (or good) as the sums of its qualities (or imo lack of)
MidnytRain  +   1171d ago
I didn't realize how vulgar this game was. XD
Tewi-Inaba  +   1171d ago
"Fuck you" -Donte
Blacktric  +   1171d ago
"I can't wait to rip your arms and legs and sh*t in your carcass ARUGHGHGHGHGGGG"

-random uninspired looking """" boss"""" that can be annihilated in 2 seconds in Son Of Sparda mode.

Such an edgy and hardcore game... /s

And I still can't believe I got SS score for combat at the end of the level without doing anything but hitting triangle...
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Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1171d ago
That auto lock on......-_-
Whitefox789  +   1171d ago
I concur I will say at least with Metal Gear Rising we have a reticle to show us what were locked onto and we have a button to switch targets.
Jinkies  +   1171d ago
I got an SS and I didn't even try

God this game sucks....never tried it before and I said it was going to be crap, now that I've played's still crap.
_LarZen_  +   1171d ago
The demo made me want to buy it. Loved it :)
Summons75  +   1171d ago
Clunky and slow gameplay, unresponsive controls, horrible frame rate, fame breaking bugs where you can't beat the boss level, not to mention there still is no comparability to the actual devil may cry besides the name.... Only proves ninja theory is a horrible developer who only cares about their ego.
yami930  +   1171d ago
To be fair in some degree, Capcom is the major reason the game is how it is being that they kept pushing them to change nearly everything. This game is basically a new IP with familiar names and thats it. They take mechanics and ideas from Dantes Inferno and Heavenly Sword and try to cram them in a Devil May Cry inspired game, but it just doesnt work, it plays weird, you feel like you have less control of the character, Guns especially feel really bad to use when there is no lock on, they overheat and it doesnt go at the speed you press the button anymore and the effects dont look as cool or flashy, graphics overall are bad, worse then Devil May Cry 4, has that Unreal Engine look, and its way too easy even on the hardest difficulty offered, your style ranks up to at least a B sometimes further just against a single enemy, 1 small combo on the boss and your on SS, gets really repetitive (dont know if thats because you dont have all moves unlocked) evading and teleport evade makes everything easier, as well as able to grab anyone no matter how big, animations look eh, you already know the horrendous character design is there, horrible dialouge, Dante is the kind of character that makes you want to stop playing before you start feeling to dumb and not in control (very unlikeable character in all aspects). Playing this game made me hate it even more, and make me hate capcom more because theyre ruining other games because of this (PS All Stars have Donte). I've never been so hopeful to see a game fail badly to see the original come back (Lost Planet 3 looks horrible too).

This game has gotten me so much more excited to getting Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, seeing as Platinum Games knows action hack and slash players want, gameplay not generic hollywood movie stories and style, cant wait!
masteroftheflame   1171d ago | Spam
Whitefox789  +   1171d ago
I won't list my impressions here since I'm probably known already for not being in favor of this title.

I will say though as someone who is obsessed with controls in games (DMC3 I feel is the most comfortable control wise for an action game). I encourage anyone who tries this demo and is frustrated by the controls, to swap the Angel/Demon mode buttons from the triggers (L2/R2) to the shoulder buttons (L1/R1).

I personally found it much easier to grab hold of the shoulder buttons then the trigger buttons or at least it felt more natural to me since I would be using R1 in DMC3, DMC4, and Bayonetta for manual lock on while the trigger buttons are comfortable enough as the evade buttons.
TheRichterBelmont  +   1171d ago
Foolishness Dante...Foolishness.
Baka-akaB  +   1171d ago
Now that it's there as a demo , and after some people tried a few build anyway , finally the old excuse of "you havent even tried the game yet" can be buried , or at least left in a coma .

It's every bit as dumbified , wrong and easy as it felt in gameplay vids . And no , difficulty settings wont suddenly chage mechanics and fixes this , it will just be a new artifical difficulty ceiling with the same dumbified controls .
Jinkies  +   1171d ago
You see how people who state they don't like it are getting disagreed to death now instead of the old "You havent played it" speech...

People who were defending it won't admit it though, they'll just pretend that it's amazing as they've been stating in the past.

It's dumbed down and horrible as a dmc game...if people support this then they are basicaly letting Capcom walk all over them...AGAIN.

Jeez...when will people learn, at this rate Megaman will be next.
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Baka-akaB  +   1171d ago
It's a constant waiting game defense and system with them ... wait for gameplay feeds , wait for public demonstration , wait for demos , wait for higher difficulty settings and soon enough wait for the final version

All i know is , i wont wait for the game , everything and every nagging negative feelings i have and had about the title , were each time verified . Just like it was for people already positive about the game .

At least some might be happy , i've said my piece multiple times already , and wont feel like wasting more energy discussing the game and its shortcoming as much in the coming months , it's there for everyone to see . The rest is up to each individual to see that it was verified and if he can deal with it .
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Jinkies  +   1171d ago
"It's a constant waiting game defense and system with them ... wait for gameplay feeds , wait for public demonstration , wait for demos , wait for higher difficulty settings and soon enough wait for the final version"

It happens with most games, games you can see are going to be bad. We had the same with FF13, RE5, RE6, Lost Planet 2, FF13-2, Two Worlds, Star Wars the Force Unleashed, Alone in the Dark, Star Wars Kinect, Duke Nukem Forever, Medal of Honor Warfighter, Dragon Age 2....I could go on AND YET everytime someone pointed how bad or a disapointment it was going to be they were told what you've just said above, the same is happening right now to Dead Space 3.

If you know the game looks bad, dosen't look like what the franchise is about or won't be good in general then it shouldn't be dismissed because you havent played on it, yet people keep doing it and label you a "hater". A hater is when someone says a game like Uncharted 2 has crap graphics

I'll say it right now dmc, Dead Space 3 and FF13-3 look/sound bad and will dissapoint us
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Baka-akaB  +   1171d ago
I can't say that i share your feeling on FF XIII and sequels , but yeah , if you have a gut feeling about a game , positive or not it is usually and almost never wrong . After all YOU know best what you like and dislike
Williamson  +   1171d ago
I enjoyed the demo and will pick this and metal gear rising up next year, but the graphics in the demo weren't that great.
fekix313  +   1171d ago
The gameplay was much better than I thought it was going to be (given this is Ninja Theory we're talking about) but I don't like the new design aesthetic, and the game just doesn't feel like a Devil May Cry game to me. Deffinately not buying ths game at any price.

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