DmC Devil May Cry Demo Hits PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Tynan Muddle at writes: Capcom today released a demo for upcoming DmC Devil May Cry on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE. Players will be able to sample the combat and weapons that can be found in the main game, including Dante’s trusty Rebellion and Ebony & Ivory

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Lovable1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

I tried it last night and it was pretty damn good. Though I feel like the visual is kind of weird...shame since this is a Capcom game means it automatically goes to bargain bin before I pick it up.

saf1007921822d ago

I played it for a few minutes and got bored really quick. Not to mention it was incredibly easy. Maybe its just me but the combat system feels incredibly limited compared to other DMC's.

Awesome_Gamer1822d ago

Agree, it felt really easy or more simplefied compared to past installments, and it feels sluggish, not as smooth as the old DMCs imo.

Skate-AK1822d ago

Less smoothness if probably cause by them dropping that framerate from 60fps to 30fps.

saf1007921822d ago

Exactly. Not nearly as face paced as the old ones. And the combat doesn't flow. Nothing mixes well to where it looks like a combo. Just a bunch of individual attacks. And I'm not a fan of the devil trigger either. I wanted to like this game. But with the way the demo is I can't see me paying more than 30 for it

360ICE1822d ago

I'm 100% sure there will be several difficulty settings in the finished game, mind.

It took me by suprise, I thought it was great!

Blacktric1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

"I'm 100% sure there will be several difficulty settings in the finished game, mind."

Not understanding the difference between actual difficulty and crappy combat mechanics making a game easy...

Have fun with your "new" DmC running at 30 FPS and featuring no manual lock on, no jump cancelling, no wall jump, devil trigger being just crappy slow mo mode and combat styles being crammed under two crappy segments called angelic and demonic and with a cliche story that has extremely unnecessary nods to real life on top like "Vergil" making crappy threat videos while wearing a mask *cough* anonymous *cough* and old characters being torn apart in terms of design alongside Dante (Vergil using guns, Mundus now being spelled wrong) etc.

saf1007921822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Well yea ur right theres multiple difficulties on it but i played it on the hardest setting and breezed right through. I mean I understand its a demo and all but sheesh I don't think i got hit lol

360ICE1822d ago

Here's your comment read back to you:
"I don't like change" :P

I admit I miss a few of the elements you mentioned. Lock on in particular, but hey, DMC is good for some new stuff now too. I thought the juggling/combo stringing was improved in many ways.

I'm fairly sure the hardest setting isn't even in the demo. Also, it's an early level and all that.

ThanatosDMC1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

It's not about improving the juggling/combo/stringing... that's a skill thing on old DMC games. This game is hand holding us too much. If you're into hardcore games being dumbed down for casuals, good for you.

Agreed with Blacktric completely. They've put so much BS into this new fake dmc game.

saf1007921822d ago

@360 ur probably right but the demo shows 4 difficulties with 3 being unlocked. I picked the hardest one and im gonna guess that was normal. But it felt like very easy is what im saying

Gohadouken1822d ago

Now that the game is playable and as bad as expected for those already not fan .... and of course awesome for those already fans , that's the new silly defense we'll get to see around ? "It will be more challenging on higher difficulties ?" .

Meh , i'm sure Hanna Montana is harder on higher difficulty settings , if there are any . The game still remain the same , as bad (or good) as the sums of its qualities (or imo lack of)

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MidnytRain1822d ago

I didn't realize how vulgar this game was. XD

Blacktric1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

"I can't wait to rip your arms and legs and sh*t in your carcass ARUGHGHGHGHGGGG"

-random uninspired looking """" boss"""" that can be annihilated in 2 seconds in Son Of Sparda mode.

Such an edgy and hardcore game... /s

And I still can't believe I got SS score for combat at the end of the level without doing anything but hitting triangle...

Whitefox7891822d ago

I concur I will say at least with Metal Gear Rising we have a reticle to show us what were locked onto and we have a button to switch targets.

Jinkies1822d ago

I got an SS and I didn't even try

God this game sucks....never tried it before and I said it was going to be crap, now that I've played's still crap.

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