If Playstation 4 is successful, what will Wii U do?

Nintendo will certainly enjoy success with its console for the next handful of months or so, but once Sony releases its system, and if it is more successful than the Wii U, how will Nintendo respond?

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spurgeonryan1853d ago

Do what Nintendo always does. But the PS3 was successful and the Wii was as well.

Abash1853d ago

With the PS3 easing into second place I really believe the PS4 will be a formidable competitor right out of the gate. Its pretty amazing how the PS3 has climbed up again after all the problems it has had like pricing and steep competition

DivineAssault 1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

ops, hit disagree on accident.. Wii U will compete with PS3, it doesnt stand a chance against PS4 as far as performance & support goes.. Had they kept the price at $250 w a pack in game again, it wouldve been sold out everywhere for a very long time again.. That extra $50 for the console & $60 for a game & whatever else u get for it adds up.. It will turn off a lot of potential buyers

Enmson1853d ago

release the Wii U2 as soon as possible

rainkore1853d ago

We all know Nintendo will do well with the Wii U even if they are surpassed by the other's technology. People buy Nintendo because it is Nintendo. Not because of flashy graphics or ground breaking hardware. Nintendo owns shop because their games are quality and there is a certain nostalgic factor. Plus most people can just pick up a game and play, you don't have to be a hardcore gamer (for the most part). There are the exception as in any case.... but still.

Thepcz1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )


wont happen anyway. wiiu has at least an entire year on the market with zero competition, by then it will have such a great market share, sony and microsoft will have to scavenge for the left overs.

no doubt sony will stubbornly price themselves out of the market again.

wishingW3L1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

this gen every console sold well. I think that should mean something....

PS3 = 70m
Xbox 360 = 70m
Wii = 95m

Now compare that to last gen:

PS2 = 150m
GC = 20m
Xbox = 25m

The market is not only more balanced now but it grew too.

AJBACK2FRAG1853d ago

Wii passed one hundred million recently.

Gr811853d ago

Overestimated Sony's total

Was correct on M$'s

And Underestimated Wii's Total.

Npugz71853d ago

I'm more interested in the xbox 720 and PS4! WiiU is not a next gen console to me.

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