Final Fantasy IV: The After website now fully open

Square Enix has officially opened the website of Final Fantasy IV: The After - Return to the Moon. It was partially open up until now, but the company has finally updated the intro and added several new pages: Characters, Story, System and Battle. Each page features screenshots and information.

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Harry1903805d ago

anything about this series gets me excited

PS360WII3804d ago

while true this is for Japan cell phones only :(

bootsielon3804d ago

It may be right now, but remember, Square Enix is also developing Parasite Eve 3 for Cell phones, and they said to gamers not to worry, as they might eventually release those on consoles. I believe that's almost an official statement, they simply want to milk it as much as they can on cell phones before doing it on consoles. I think it's more likely for people to buy console and handheld ports from cell phones than the other way around.

PS360WII3804d ago

Oh I hope you're right for I want to play this game along with the next Parasite Eve would be pretty slick