The ESRB Rates PlayStation All-Stars, Hilarity Ensues

As with all ESRB ratings, we will only post them if they include some sort of important information about the game previously unknown, or if they are funny for absolutely no reason. This one falls under the latter. - PSLS

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Sev2037d ago

This is hysterical. They have no idea what any of these characters are about.

This is exactly what the ESRB isn't good enough, they know nothing about the medium.

TrendyGamers2036d ago

It's like they were trying to explain everything in the cleanest way possible and it made it that much funnier.

Canary2036d ago

It's called formal language. It's... necessary for adults.

Blacktric2036d ago

"This is exactly what the ESRB isn't good enough, they know nothing about the medium."

Nice try to defend your own website. The thing you're forgetting is, all of those descriptions are made intentionally the way they are since no one gives to f*cks about ESRB but parents who want to learn more about to game without needing to know anything about the game's lore. And they've been doing these types of "explanations of games" for years. Long story short, horrible article.

dbjj120882037d ago

Hahaha, love it. "One bear-like fighter can perform a flatulence attack to strike opponents...."

r212036d ago

The ESRB folks must be confused as hell XD

Gerobe2036d ago

If there are ever any PSASBR Tournaments they need to hire these guys to commentate it.

TalesFromTheBud2036d ago

i dont see how this is funny. if you are someone who knows nothing about video games and you are trying to buy something for your kid this tells you simply what happens in the game.

i mean, i see the humor but i disagree with anyone saying the ESRB is no good. they did exactly what their purpose is.