Rumor: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith to Use Drum and Mic Peripherals

Joystiq Writes-
While you might think a game titled Guitar Hero: Aerosmith would have you playing, you know, guitars, a Best Buy advertisement for the latest mistake chapter in the rhythm game franchise claims you'll be able to play as all of the "famous rock legends" in "America's greatest rock and roll band" -- including the drummer, Joey Kramer, and band's own lady-lookin'-dude, Steven Tyler, using a drum peripheral and microphone peripheral

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doshey3748d ago

damn sounding like a little rockband game but still could pull it off

Mr_Kuwabara3748d ago

I just hope that if this is true, that they don't dumb down the guitar notes like Rockband's.

xplosneer3748d ago

RockBand is fun on guitar overall, but nowhere near as challenging as Guitar Hero. Still though, GGAHT is killer in single player mode!!

Matsuiichi3748d ago

Activision copying Rock Band, much?

Just like Guitar Hero III, Neversoft and Activision will turn the Rock Band idea into a piece of sh*t too. Just watch, they'll make it bad enough with a bundle that costs $200 and hope it'll sell like hot cakes because of the brand name. And they'll make the timing window so wide you could play perfectly on Expert---even if you had no arms!

I'll stick with Rock Band---the Original Rock Band game---thank you.

pwnmaster30003748d ago

they should put something like drums, piano and vocal and maybe bass.... yeah bass to

akaFullMetal3748d ago

well where else is activision going to go, rockband has evolved the guitar hero phase, so all they can do now is copy or some how even evolve the genre, which i doubt they will, so they will copy.

Matsuiichi3748d ago

I'm not saying it isn't necessary, and I totally agree with you! It's just that it's stupid that pretty much their entry into the rhythm genre is piggybacking off of Harmonix's success, while copying their Rock Band idea.

I understand why they're copying, but I still think it's really stupid. :P

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