Wal-Mart Canada’s Black Friday Deals Include Vita Games for $9, LBP Karting For $29

Even though Black Friday is more commonly perceived as an American event, Canada has been getting in on the action in recent years, with 2012 being no different.

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TrendyGamers1976d ago

Arkham City Game of the Year for $20 is a great price.

dbjj120881976d ago

Absolutely. It really was my Game of the Year last year.

dbjj120881976d ago

Little Deviants for $9? I'll bite.

LostTokens1976d ago

Sad that's just in Canada, there's some good inexpensive stuff on that list. :-(

jeeves861976d ago

There's very few Black Friday sales in Canada. Give us just this one please?

LostTokens1976d ago

I wasn't trying to take it away at all, and we'll have BF sales here... but I'd be willing to bed it's a bit more civil, going shopping up there. Have at it!

JackRipper1976d ago

*packs bags* I'm off to Canada!

knifefight1976d ago

Wait wait, why does Canada have a black Friday? Canadian Thanksgiving is in October.
Is Black Friday just such a huge economy boost that the business decided to import that culture point from South of the border? O_O Interesting.

KrisButtar1976d ago

yup that is pretty much it, as the Wal*mart's best buys, future shops, etc, of Canada felt they were losing money of all the Canadians going south for deals, so they bought the deals up here

jeeves861976d ago

Since our Thanksgiving falls on a Sunday/Monday, Black Friday wouldn't exactly make sense, would it? Plus, we still have Halloween after Thanksgiving. I don't think that Black Friday has anything to do with Thanksgiving, it's just a tool to get people out shopping. I wouldn't call Black Friday a culture point, either.

knifefight1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Something that happens in one country or one close group of countries that doesn't happen elsewhere.

...That's kind of the DEFINITION of something cultural ;)

You won't see any more shoppers than usual in, say, Japan, South Africa, Germany, India, or Korea on Friday the 23rd, for example. Why? Because that isn't part of their...culture. :)

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