Game Guys review - Sony Wireless Stereo Headset (Elite Edition)

Let's get the numbers out of the way early: This headset costs a cool $150. To put that into perspective, that's more than Sony's outgoing PlayStation Portable gaming system and only $50 less than a GameStop-refurbished PlayStation 3. In short, Sony's new Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset (Elite Edition) isn't cheap. It is, however, very good; and truly dedicated gamers should have little issue justifying the price.

JoGam1255d ago

Guys seriously, this headset is beast. Awesome headphones. I have both stereo sets Sony released and didn't think these would be any different from the first pair. Well these are simply amazing. Sound great. And they work with my Samsung galaxy S3. I can use them as hands-free on my phone. Wait till black Friday and maybe u can find them cheaper.

forever_milan1254d ago

Any idea where I might, online? I have been looking at amazon, it is not moving from $125.

Insomnia_841254d ago

This headset is well worth the $150 price! I got them for $133 at the day of release. I take them with the Vita also and the sound is superb!

I have them on as I write this on my PS3 browser ;)

kingPoS1254d ago

I have the old set and they work well enough, but they attract alot of dust. I hope they're on sale friday.

chaos-lockheart1254d ago

Plus it's winter, it keeps my ears warm.

Octo11254d ago

Future Shop had a wicked deal on the release day of Black Ops 2. For $150 you got Black Ops 2 for free. Thoroughly enjoying the headset.

GreenRanger1254d ago

I would never pay that much for a headset.

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