DmC Devil May Cry demo test: What’s in a look?

DmC: Devil May Cry has received its first public demo from Capcom and Ninja Theory. VG247′s Dave Cook goes hands on to discuss why we shouldn’t be getting hung up on looks.

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Elda1919d ago

This game is going to be crazy fun the demo is a blast,the haters said it would suck but I had faith & this new DMC rocks!!!

fabiani1919d ago

fkkk first the no lock on felt wierd but the combos can be extreemly long and fun

Jinkies1912d ago

and broken, and crap...and slow

Syntax-Error1918d ago

I said the same but a lot of the same old I CANT STAND THE NEW DANTE hate club like to bash shit(as usual). Ninja Theory did not do a bad job with it and I also liked the boss fight.

Elda1917d ago

Agreed,who care what the haters say,I know what I like & what interests me & it happens to be this new DmC!!