GamerCenterOnline: Star Wars: The Force Unleased Preview

The lead character, Dark vador's Apprentice, has been sought out and trained by Darth Vader himself in the years following the end of Episode III. This is a period when the Jedi were scattered and hunted down, the Galactic Empire consolidated its hold on the galaxy, and apparently Darth Vader was secretly grooming an apprentice to help him one day overthrow the Emperor.

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LinuxGuru3833d ago

That preview provided nothing new, and it was also rife with grammar and spelling errors.

Not very professional.

sonarus3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

i'll probably get a lot of disagrees but here it goes. I am a strong, super strong star wars fan and i just dnt feel force unleashed is representing the franchise as it should. The game has massive potential to be a killer hit maybe i havent seen enough but that force powers has got to get old after a while. I want to see crazy light saber combos that involve crazy somersaults and backflips and light saber tossing and dual wielding and crazy star wars epic fights not jst tossing storm troopers around. Also isnt dis apprentice guy bad arent the troopers on his side. Why is he harassing them.
Not saying it will be a bad game though but its hard to see this game getting more than an 8 or 8.5. I see it getting tons of 7's and ton's of 8's but has potential to be a 10 imo

ZTO Jamie3832d ago


Yeah, i wouldn't take anything this preview seriously. From the writing, looks like its done by a 10 year old, i'll wait till other previews to get details.


So getting an 8 or 8.5 is bad? Games like Assasins Creed, Guitar Hero 3, PGR 4, DMC 4 all got between 8 and 8.5 ratings. I think the reason we see the guy fighting Storm Troopers is because he switches sides through the game, deciding that what hes doing is wrong etc.

stuntman_mike3832d ago

he is actually a secret apprentice not even the emperor knows about him thats why the stormtroopers are attacking him hes darth vaders own little project so he will be getting attacked from both sides, but with some of the force powers he has it wont be much of a problem.

also you can change the outcome weather he stays on the dark side or turns.

wiizy3832d ago

im definetly waiting on the wii version