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PS Vita Firmware 2.00 Live; Issues That Still Need To Be Addressed

The PS Vita Firmware 2.00 is a step in the right direction, but the Vita is still missing some basic features which I hope Sony rectifies. (PS Vita)

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Jason143  +   916d ago
multiple psn I'ds please. stupid sony. such a drag to go between accounts
Kane22  +   916d ago
The reason sony does that. is so people dont gameshare on the vita
cee773  +   916d ago
I'm pretty sure all vita psn games only can be activated on just one vita so I don't see a risk of game sharing whatsoever I don't see a prob adding multiple accounts = more downloads = more memory card purchases its a win win
morganfell  +   916d ago
The Vita still doesn't autoblock sites like game-modo...
abzdine  +   916d ago
is it even possible to do that ?
i have big issues with this multi account thing because i have 2 accounts and one i is my main one but i cant buy anything from it because i changed the country of residence and the PSN is region locked when it comes to using different currencies.

it's a big pain in the ass that they dont allow that.

I'm also not that fan of the user interface i'd prefer a touch screen XMB with the same round icons just to sort things in the right place and avoid these painful apps for everything (trophies, friends and even for settings) and have games icons mixed with youtube with mail...
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DivineAssault  +   916d ago
everything has issues.. it will never end, even with nx gen.. Move on n play games already
ronin4life  +   916d ago
This read like a diagnostic: which is good. Feedback like this will help improve the system overall.

For those who aren't Sony, it probably isn't impotant enough to read though. Unless you are really interested in tech as a job or serious hobby.
ANIALATOR136  +   916d ago
accidentally dropping or placing down a vita too fast can be annoying as it keeps telling you to do a restore and you have to take the memory card out and put it back in again for it to read your content properly again
Tired  +   916d ago
I can believe that dropping it on the floor could possibly cause the system to re-check itself.

But placing it down too fast?

I regularly lob my vita across the room onto the bed because i'm too lazy to walk that far, never had a problem, and to be fair it can pick up quite a bit of speed.

This leads me to question how just how fast you putting your vita down? Or are you using the word 'placing' as a euphemism for smacking. Violence and technology are not good bedfellows!
boybato  +   916d ago
kathy23   916d ago | Spam
tweet75  +   916d ago
i just want the ability to play all psn classics and downloable psp games on my vita. This has irritated me since I got my vita.
maniac76  +   916d ago
Headsup,went to xhamster and ur able to download vids,dont know why you cant stream them instead lol
Oldman100  +   916d ago
I would like to be connected to psn at all times and not have to reconnect every time I open or change apps/come out of stand by. Connecting to Playstation Network Please Wait...Connecting to Playstation Network Please Wait...Connecting to Playstation Network Please Wait... It's such an ass pain.

I'm just wondering if it actually signs me in/out when having to reconnect(It says I'm still signed into the psn in the settings, but I'm still not 100% sure). If I do get signed out, I could imagine how annoying it would be for those on my friend list seeing my online/offline notification so frequently.

I would also like to be able to receive messages on the fly and not have to wait a certain time interval or have to manually refresh the message area. And like the author proposed, It would be nice to have the Messaging, Party, and Friends apps unified into one.
supremacy  +   916d ago
All i want is...

Adobe flash and HTML 5 support along with some voice messaging?

Oh and yeah...How about patching the Network so that i wont have to look at a grey loading everytime i switch from say the friends app to the messaging app vicesaversa. That, needs to go away. just keep it connected at all tmes,
Slugg3r  +   916d ago
One thing I'd like to see, is ability to swap the analog nubs over in PSP games (so that L-nub controls what is assigned to the R-nub). This would allow a greater enjoyment in those few PSP shooters that allow you to use the PSP's stick for aiming and facebuttons for moving (since originally thet is the 'wrong way', you have to aim with Vitas' R-nub if you use these controlschemes now).
r21  +   916d ago
Music Playlist, once I can make my own playlists on my vita then you wont be hearing complaints from me.
Wolfbiker  +   915d ago
Ability to turn the longways when in browser mode for a more comfortable browsing experience.

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