PS Vita Firmware 2.00 Live; Issues That Still Need To Be Addressed

The PS Vita Firmware 2.00 is a step in the right direction, but the Vita is still missing some basic features which I hope Sony rectifies.

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Jason1431792d ago

multiple psn I'ds please. stupid sony. such a drag to go between accounts

Kane221792d ago

The reason sony does that. is so people dont gameshare on the vita

cee7731792d ago

I'm pretty sure all vita psn games only can be activated on just one vita so I don't see a risk of game sharing whatsoever I don't see a prob adding multiple accounts = more downloads = more memory card purchases its a win win

morganfell1792d ago

The Vita still doesn't autoblock sites like game-modo...

abzdine1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

is it even possible to do that ?
i have big issues with this multi account thing because i have 2 accounts and one i is my main one but i cant buy anything from it because i changed the country of residence and the PSN is region locked when it comes to using different currencies.

it's a big pain in the ass that they dont allow that.

I'm also not that fan of the user interface i'd prefer a touch screen XMB with the same round icons just to sort things in the right place and avoid these painful apps for everything (trophies, friends and even for settings) and have games icons mixed with youtube with mail...

DivineAssault 1792d ago

everything has issues.. it will never end, even with nx gen.. Move on n play games already

ronin4life1792d ago

This read like a diagnostic: which is good. Feedback like this will help improve the system overall.

For those who aren't Sony, it probably isn't impotant enough to read though. Unless you are really interested in tech as a job or serious hobby.

ANIALATOR1361792d ago

accidentally dropping or placing down a vita too fast can be annoying as it keeps telling you to do a restore and you have to take the memory card out and put it back in again for it to read your content properly again

Tired1792d ago

I can believe that dropping it on the floor could possibly cause the system to re-check itself.

But placing it down too fast?

I regularly lob my vita across the room onto the bed because i'm too lazy to walk that far, never had a problem, and to be fair it can pick up quite a bit of speed.

This leads me to question how just how fast you putting your vita down? Or are you using the word 'placing' as a euphemism for smacking. Violence and technology are not good bedfellows!

1792d ago
tweet751792d ago

i just want the ability to play all psn classics and downloable psp games on my vita. This has irritated me since I got my vita.

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The story is too old to be commented.