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TheHDRoom: " For the first time, a proper Madden game is available on a Nintendo console. In and of itself that is a big accomplishment.

Even so, Madden NFL 13 on Wii U is a mixed bag worth applauding the mostly intact port and new exclusive features, even if that means playing on an antiquated engine and sacrificing team online play. It's hard to imagine playing the other Madden games without the GamePad after calling plays on a touch screen - which is the point - and paves the way for greater innovation to come."

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NYC_Gamer1887d ago

Madden is garbage no matter the platform

Neonridr1887d ago

lol @ his comment "Antiquated engine". It's the engine from last year, he acts like it's a CoD engine or something..

bigjclassic1887d ago

I have this, and it's actually quite good. The playcalling is real slick and the visuals hold up.

1887d ago
lilbroRx1887d ago

The lower the score the, the more the response.

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