Hillary Clinton hates violent videogames

I know it's not the most important issue this election, but interesting none the less. What will this mean for gamers if she's elected. Discuss

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solidt123681d ago

Good thing it looks like she won't be the Democratic candidate.

Bonsai12143681d ago

at worst she'd enforce ESRB. which i think is a good move. they'll never be able to censor video games, only rate it so that some carriers won't carry it.

if it leads to less whiney 12 years old begging their grandmas for gta, then i'm all for it.

JsonHenry3681d ago

I personally get a bad taste in my mouth whenever I hear her name - but I doubt as much as she is against it that she could ever get them banned in this country. Make it harder to sell them? Yes. Ban them as a whole? Not in this country.

Lifendz3681d ago

does Hilary hate violent movies, novels, or tv shows? Cuz I tell ya, I've seen much worse in Hostel than I've ever seen in any videogame. And there's a rating system anyway so the precious "children" who must never be exposed to this type of stuff will not be unless an uninformed parent buys it for them.

Hilary is just exploiting a hot topic amongst the uninformed to get votes.

Chuck Norris3681d ago

That's why you should vote for Mike Huckabee.

Legionaire20053681d ago

vote for Ron Paul so there will be no regulations like gaming regulation, Net Neutrality, and etc. Ron Paul is for individual freedom and small government!!! Gamers and the rest of America unite!!! We don't need big corporate government nonsense!!!

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permutated3681d ago

She actually does, this really isn't just an attempt to flame her.

She agrees with alot of Jack Thompson's policies, and if she was on her period (lord forbid), we would see a Nuke strike and the end of video games all in the same week.

Thanks aunt flow.


JK, seriously though she sucks. I'm tired of her bashing Obama because people see him as a more realistic outlet for change.

jodonn083681d ago

i hate hillary, and this just justifies it.

john mccain 08

permutated3681d ago

McCain is a dried up prune who would do absolutely no good for America.

Vote Obama, change is now.

Amagai Shuusuke3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Vote Obama and McCain.

Oh, and Hillary...

doshey3681d ago

this is why we dont need her in office, sh!t we dont need any woman in office, all they want to do is mess over all the fun stuff and say oh this causes violent people it needs to be banned, so when election day comes vote republican, sh!t vote for a monkey for all i care just as long as this prick is not voted into office

permutated3681d ago

I'd rather vote Obama.

I dislike McCain's policies very much, and the republican rule needs to end.

doshey3681d ago

either way it is better than hillary

M337ING3681d ago

love how easily Obama has brain-washed the gullable youth of this nation. "Yes , we can!" How about, "Yes, we will!" All I've heard out of his mouth is promises. No concrete details on how to do most of his proposals, and being afraid of actually bringing them up in debates. When was the last time we had someone do this? Why, our current President! What an awesome choice that was, my fellow Americans!


Besides looking at fun and entertainment and whether a candidate likes video games or doesn't, consider the REAL issues. I.E.: Global problems, economy, health care. Obama says, "well, I'll meet with the terrorist leaders." Is he out of his mind? Since when have these people shown any desire to negotiate peace? They're FANATICS!

Added to this, China and Russia are growing in power and we might soon find ourselves in yet another Cold War! WE can't have someone as inexperienced and new to the game as Obama representing our country. We need someone experienced, and the only democratic choice is Hilary.

And to all the people voting against her because she's a woman... way to be an American and tolerate others!!! Not...

LastDance3681d ago

Here in Australia, Our liberal prime minister took this country out of debt, Lowered the 15% interest rate down to 4.5% or something like that.
And last election he got voted out for the very party that brought this country into debt.
OH oh..and now interest rates are rising and rising

Only country to EVER vote out a party when they were doing well.

HAHA people RULE!!

Gish3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Lastdance: Sounds like the Aussie liberal party is for things a bit different than the democratic party here in the US. Obama's tax plans look to double many of the taxes currently in place to be able to pay for government programs he would like to implement. I am not saying its good or bad (it's bad...) but a democrat in the white house would not lower taxes. Interest rates are set often to offset ways that the economy is swinging. Right now we have low low interest rates since they are trying to stop us from going into recession. Usually high interest rates mean they are trying to stop inflation since the economy is chugging right along. Sorry had to jump in and make sure you don't compare the US and Aussie liberals in the same way. Cheers.

Edit: just reread that you didn't mention taxes, you were talking about the interest rate all along. Well high taxes will get you out of debt in no time. I say keep the taxes low and cut back on un-needed government programs. :)

RJ20003681d ago

I would totally say move to Canada, but they just follow what the US does the conservative way. Sad thing is its usually better...

LastDance3681d ago

Oh i wasnt doing any comparing at all really:P

you just have to be careful about the young leaders. They seem fresh and enthusiastic but its usually the old bores who get the job done right.

Having said that from what ive seen, Obama looks to be a decent man and possible president!

xplosneer3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Wish edwards had gotten some more screen time.......or Gore would run.

Unfortunately those are the canidates for the democrats, and they are way better than McCain IMO, so more likely than not it's Obama. Still, our first black president(no racisim here) or our first women president..... *smacks forhead*.

fusionboxer3681d ago

You mention a bunch of details about how we need a strong experienced decisive leader then you conclude that Hillary is the choice.

To me that's a total contradictory statement. Her campaign so far has been to try to adapt to her opponents so that she can in turn mold into what she believes America wants at this point.

Also I'm slowly starting to dislike the democratic party as much as the Republican party. Both have major flaws, but I'm starting to think that the higher ups in the democratic party are just plain weak. They try to bend to what the people want, but you can't satisfy everyone. If things went their way then we'd have an early form of communism on our hands. I mean they cry about this, they cry about that, somalia, south africa, Iraq, but the moment we send troops over they cry to bring them back. It's all talk to them.

At one point you have to come out and make solid stances on subjects whether you'll create a solid divide or not. Although the common thing to say is that Bush is dumb and what not, I personally believe he knows what he's after no matter how eschewed it might seem to the public who i believe know far less then he and his advisor's do when it comes to national affairs. I want a president that will stay solid so we don't get surprised.

I mean do you really think that if we pack our bags and leave Iraq then things will be fine? The country would literally implode if we left and it will eventually effect America. Where would you rather have the war? Our soil or theirs?

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