Toshiba Cancels HD-DVD

From PSX Extreme: "On NHK, Japanese TV, a reporter for the channel has made the announcement that Toshiba will halt production of HD-DVD players and conceding a loss to the Blu-ray group."

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doshey3802d ago

the war has ended now we can have this site going back to games and not this war

thedude176553801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

now i don't have to scroll through 50 posts of blu-ray and hd dvd war, and the different stances that everyone and their mothers have on the issue. Lets get to nice discussion on games and the like.

still I would like to have a more reliable source on the matter, perhaps in time.

wallace10003801d ago

True, it will also stop lots of the stupid which one is better debates. Atleast there is only one format to choose now. Time for those prices to start dropping :-)

Anything but Cute3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

now time to push this baby and HDTV's. It's gonna be an HD world. And the PS3 console is the best.

Maddens Raiders3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

how three bubbles can change the world. You've got to be kidding.

Gaara_7243801d ago

what the hell is up with u just before xmas u dissed the ps3 all the time every post u would diss it and now youre with it did u get one as a presant on xmas and the 360 died or something?

Harry1903802d ago

they show some good sense.but it must be hard for those
who paid big money for hd-dvd players

pwnsause3801d ago

its natural to have casualties in a format war. when consumers take the plunge into a wrong format, it doesnt mean they are restricted of buying the oppasite format. they will make the switch again as soon as they are financially able to do so.

EZCheez3802d ago

The same news coming from a different site does not justify a new story. This is when contributors need to link news to the original.

xplosneer3801d ago

Duplicate stories are so cool!!!!1!1!

Nice burnout game BTW.

Expy3801d ago

Faster than I had expected, I originally thought in March or April. Oh well, the sooner the better. Hop on the Blu train Paramount and Universal! :D

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The story is too old to be commented.