Hitman: Absolution Review [GameRevolution]

GR: "Never mind that you haven't seen or heard from Agent 47 in over five years.

"He is a silent assassin, after all. You won't find the International Contract Agency's top killer getting involved with our founding fathers or an ancient prophecy. Instead, IO Interactive looks to 47's up-close-and-personal side to frame their absurd mission parameters and environments. With a new engine in the form of Glacier 2, franchise developers IO Interactive hope to deliver an experience more interactive, free-flowing, and reactive than ever.

"That kind of open-approach design abounds in Hitman: Absolution, although it doesn't seem like it at first. Despite getting his hands dirty on more than a few occasions, 47 has to make this one count or see the first of Square Enix's high-profile Western-developed releases bungle its contract. Can Absolution deliver the goods?"

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alexcosborn1948d ago

Awesome review. Glad to see IO's latest delivers.

dbjj120881948d ago

Yeah, Hitman fans have got to be happy with the scores so far.

ftwrthtx1948d ago

I was hoping this game reviewed well!

alexcosborn1948d ago

Me too! The visuals are pretty stunning.

insertcoin1948d ago

Glad to hear that the formula hasn't gotten stale yet.

dbjj120881948d ago

It's been a while since the last one. I was worried it had gotten dusty.

knifefight1947d ago

I guess you could say this was a hit, man.

I'll be here all weekend, folks. Tip your waitress.

GTRrocker6661947d ago

I voted you down, sorry :(

GTRrocker6661947d ago

Man I love this series but the new game is so weird. It feels like batman and assasins creed with a hitman shell. The game is good but it is so differant than the previous games.