Toshiba Says It May End HD DVD

Tokyo (AP) - Toshiba may pull the plug on its high-definition DVD format but no decision has been made, the Japanese electronics maker said in a statement Monday (2008-02-18).

Toshiba said in the statement that it had started a review of its HD DVD business strategy. The comment came after a weekend of media reports and speculations that the company was considering pulling out after losing ground to the competing Blu-ray disc format.

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Silellak3832d ago

Is this really any different than the other "HD-DVD is dead" stories?

Can we just not post anything more about the format war until the HD-DVD group comes out and says "LOL WE GOT PWNED".

ktchong3832d ago

Maybe this is the last statement Toshiba will make on this matter, and after this they will just quietly give up.

To "save face", you know.

chrno63832d ago

Just find it interesting that Toshiba uses the word "may" instead of "will".

Iron Man 23832d ago

Don't make Dark Sniper laugh Toshiba,that may is going to turn into a will soon enough,Blu-Ray is the only needed HD format


PMR_213832d ago

stop being so damn stubborn...its getting ridiculous.

Guwapo773832d ago

According the article...looks like we have to wait till Tuesday.

As soon as Toshiba pulls it I can finally get excited, knowing Universal and Paramount will finally start to bring those movies over I've been missing.

Hopefully by this summer everything will be produced for Blu-Ray.

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