New PS3 Ultimate Editions: 9 Full Games + Add-Ons Bundled at Insane Prices

PS Blog: It’s almost time for Thanksgiving, and we here at PlayStation thought it would be the perfect time to give back to our community with a great new sale!
We’re bringing nine more Ultimate Editions of awesome PS3 Full Games and all their Add-Ons to PSN this week, with discounts for all and even more savings for PlayStation Plus members.

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dazzrazz2219d ago

Why would you wanna even pay $19 for a game that is completely dead online ? (Homefront)

Cajun Chicken2219d ago

Maybe you don't want to see the remake of Red Dawn in the cinemas.

decrypt2218d ago

Pay 60usd to become a member first then get discounts on games.

I thought console gaming was supposed to be cheap.

Sad how console gamers are being treated in terms of prices, specially when none of these will be working on the next box.

You guys need to check out the prices on Steam, Greenmangaming or some of the other PC sites. These prices look like a rip off.

frelyler2218d ago


What about the instant game library of full retail games that are still very relevant you get worth a couple hundred dollars for a one time payment of 50 bucks. My ps3 is only two hundred right now and a decent pc costs about 500 which you will need to play any relevant games off those sites you mentioned. I love steam too but ps+ is awesome and far from a rip off. Please learn some math before trying to promote your preferences because obviously you are that much smarter than everyone else. Happy holidays.

Temporary2218d ago

People who say "Yeah, I have to pay to join plus, just to have access to discounts" have NO clue what theyre talking about ... absolutely NO clue. PS+ upon joining gives you access to like 400+ dollars worth of free games...I dont see how someone cant understand...

It's like watching morons say they're going to purposely reduce their earnings to 249,999 so they can dodge the marginal tax hikes.

If you dont understand the 1st paragraph you damn well didnt understand the second.

jacksons982218d ago

Even myself primarily a PC gamer, PS+ is the best deal going in gaming.

tommygunzII2214d ago

@ dycrypt

How many free games does Steam give you besides F2P mmo's?

I got portal and TF2 for free from Steam and thats it.

PS+ is the best deal in gaming.

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showtimefolks2219d ago

this is a good deal for those who have yet to play some of these very good games but i have played all of them

nice prices though. for digital to succeed on psn/xblive both sony and ms have to act like steam and origins and have to update their prices on weekly bases and put on great sales so consumers see the value in buying digital. if a price of a game on psn/xblive is 19.99 and in a retail store its around 8-10 than there is no value.

but i think with psn:plus sony has done a good job hopefully they will keep improving and evolving the service

aquamala2219d ago

Compare to this sale, PC gamers get these for $9.99 on amazon , yes $9.99 total for all 6

Metro 2033
War hammer 40k
Red fraction Armageddon
Red fraction guerrilla

Red_Orange_Juice2218d ago

wow thanks for the heads up, probably nobody knew that PC games are cheaper, thanks again bro, keep it up

+bubbles for this guy

sdozzo2218d ago

I guess you could be getting it for the SP. But, I'm sure a hardcopy of the game would be cheaper.

Still, it's nice to see SONY is pushing out more media via PSN.

2213d ago
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Ducky2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

Offering a discount for PS+ members seems like an odd move when a game has been part of the InstantGameCollection.

Heavenly King2219d ago

Well, this can be very attractive if you are a recent PS+ subscriber, because games like Space Marine have been replaced by other games.

BigStef712219d ago

So someone tell me about saints row 2. Does the game and DLC for it have trophy support?

DigitalRaptor2219d ago

I downloaded Saints Row 2 but not the DLC. The game hasn't added any trophies to my collection, so I don't think there are any.

bloodcell2219d ago

saints row 2 is a great game, do you just care about trophies?

BigStef712219d ago

No not at all. I have it free from buying the third when it launched but never had a chance to play it. I figured it didn't have it because trophies launched after it came out and I saw the story DLC add-ons were released a year later when trophies existed so I just wanted to know if those got trophies. I had the game for 360 and got a majority of those achievements so it not having trophies is not that big of a deal. It would have been nice if THQ would've patched it because 360 had it and trophies are just a way to show that you completed the game fully. Since mgs4 got the patch maybe they'll do the same with this game

MRMagoo1232219d ago

I would prefer trophies and achievements were removed from games all together, if you need to here a chime and see a lil symbol come up when you complete a lvl or kill a bad guy you have problems.

BigStef712219d ago

Yea I have problems because I like to have something that shows I beat a game? First off when I play through a game I completely ignore the trophies and just go through the main story.I just go for single player ones if they are manageable never for the multiplayer ones because those are a total waste of time

Red_Orange_Juice2218d ago

so you want to dictate how other people should play games and should they have an option to earn trophies?
you can disable notifications and never check them

MRMagoo1232218d ago

so im guessing you are both kids? why would any adult want something to come up their screen when they do anything not even slightly impressive, why would you need acknowledgment for these things ? I dont ever remember getting things like that when i played my amstrad cpc in the 80s and i didnt get those things in the 90s with my megadrive or snes and i didnt get those kinda things with my ps1 or ps2 yet i loved gaming and never once thought to myself "gee i wish the game would give me a fanfare for finishing each lvl i feel sad it doesnt acknowledge me when i do something in a certain way too waaaaa". If you arent kids all i can do is shake my head and say grow up

MoonConquistador2218d ago

Strange comments about being childlike coming from someone named after a cartoon character. When you start to believe that everyone should conform to the same views you have, then you're the one with the problems.

Time to take a long hard look in the mirror MRMagoo, you never know, you might even get a trophy for it

MRMagoo1232218d ago

funny tho cos its my real name dick

MoonConquistador2218d ago

Isn't life ironic at times. Ever think your parents just thought it was an appropriate name considering your attitude

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turgore2219d ago

IMO Saints Row 2 is better than saints row 3.

Donnieboi2219d ago

Yep even thq's new president said Saints Row 3 sucks compared to Saints 2. In fact, Saints 3 is just plain trash. It's only decent for some co-op but can't stand on it's own (like resident evil 6, army of 2 and other sub par gaming experiences)

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LackTrue4K2219d ago

i just did my first purchase on the PSN (after they made the big update). I bot the Borderlands 2 "Campaign of Carages...after i bot didn't show where to download....i exit the store...
i came back in after seeing it was not downloading....just to be showed "WOULD YOU LIKE TO PURCHESE"
after messing with if for a min, i found where to Download,
i think the store is kind of messy....or i just need to buy more. :/

ZoyosJD2219d ago

There is a download option after checkout.

The only messy part about the store is a download list with several hundred items listed only in chronologically purchased order.

Enjoy your DLC.


LackTrue4K2219d ago

ya, there has to be a download option...i must of not seen it. and "thanks for the info"

pixelsword2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

The new store does suck.

Remember when you wanted to download a demo and it just did it... without having to go to a checkout to download a FREE DEMO?

rezzah2219d ago

I remember being able to navigate PSN a lot easier as everything was more organized and not placed anywhere on the screen at different sizes.

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