Rock Band Drums Kits in the Wild

While over at Wal-Mart earlier today, Loot Ninja spotted a nice stack of Rock Band drum kits for sale. They had both Xbox 360 and PS3 versions for $79.92. Yeah, gotta love being 7 cents below MSRP.

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fiercescuba3838d ago

80 bucks is a bit steep. unless you already have guitars, this is almost unnecessary.

drunkpandas3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Yeah the pricing on the standalone instruments is kinda steep. $80 for the drums, $60 for the guitar, $50 for the mic. $190 just for the instruments when the whole package is $179? I think they could be cheaper

Ortiz833838d ago

the whole package is $159. Target has it on sale for this whole week for $149...

xplosneer3838d ago

Could see it for people who already have the 360 guitar hero guitars. But still not a good deal.

kg73103838d ago

a lot of people will think it is the whole package with low price xD