Halo 4 Top 7 Weapons

These seven weapons are the ones you don’t want to pass up if you come across them on the battlefield. Pick these up at all costs, even if just to keep them out of your enemy’s hands. Just remember to do your best to properly pair it with your existing weapons. Don’t end up with two snipers or two shotguns, severing your ability to compete in specific combat scenarios unless you properly weigh the risks.

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WolfLeBlack1846d ago

I have an absurd love of the Incinerator Cannon. And the Sniper Rifle. And the DMR.

Anything that kills things, really.

Embeepee1846d ago

Binary Rifle FTW!

I can't believe the SAW made the list...the Light Rifle is better than that!

spicelicka1846d ago

SAW is my favourite weapon....

JellyJelly1846d ago

I like the needler and the shotgun.

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