Is Nintendo Good for Gaming?

The entire game industry is watching the release of Nintendo's Wii U. Will it be able to repeat the phenomenal success of the Wii at launch—a success that changed the entire game industry as other companies rushed to incorporate motion control into their own consoles? Of course, not all gamers are interested in the Wii U, or anything that comes out of Nintendo these days. Still, it's good for all of us that Nintendo is around. Here are a few reasons why Nintendo is good for gaming.

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capjacksparrow1823d ago

In some respects yes, in others not so much. All 3 platform holders have their plusses and minuses though.

krazykombatant1823d ago

Nintendo have always been innovating in the industry, their games outside of the silly marioparty, have always been top notch quality. They've been so successful in the industry that others seem to just despise them and want them to fail at every turn. Can't frigging wait till all the smoke blows over about the WiiU.

Too many troll articles and people declaring their consoles superior. Load of crap.

1823d ago
killatia1823d ago

Of course they're good for gaming, Nintendo is the only 100% gaming company that still makes consoles in this industry.

kesvalk1823d ago

no they're not, they just makes bad games that lack any type of fun...

why is this even a question? as far as i know, the more the merrier.

Mikito111823d ago

What the hell are you on? Nintendo make first class games that are more fun than a lot out there...

shackdaddy1823d ago

Pretty sure he was being sarcastic...

DarkBlood1823d ago

yeah samus pic was a dead giveaway lol

kesvalk1823d ago

sorry, i thought i was sarcastic enough...

i will try harder next time :P

live2play1823d ago

i know you were joking
but to be fair with the people that disagreed becasue they thought you were being serious...
...its hard to tell between sarcastic comments full of purposefull stupid and actual anti nintendo fanboy comments

kesvalk1823d ago

but i even made my serious comment right below it =/

i think i will start using the [/sarcasm] too...

deafdani1822d ago

I'll let you know, people in N4G have a really, really hard time at catching sarcasm.

TongkatAli1823d ago

The one thing I love about Nintendo is their ability to not pay attention to the competition and do its thing. I feel Nintendo consoles are more about having fun then being nerdy and competitive.

ape0071823d ago

lol wut, nintendo IS the heart of gaming

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The story is too old to be commented.