Xbox Live's Black Friday Sale 2012 On Now, Contains Huge Discounts On Over 30 Games and DLC

Even though Black Friday doesn’t start until Friday, Microsoft has already begun their Black Friday 2012 sale on the Xbox Live Marketplace

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BattleTorn1735d ago

Not bad. I loved Dead Island, totally my type of game.

Have yet to play Portal 2, (I know!) and this may be the time!! (seeing as I'll be purchasing 2copies - 1 for my coop friend)

TrendyGamers1735d ago

Portal 2 is a great game!

BattleTorn1735d ago

I know it is. That is partially why I have allowed myself to overlook it for so long - it's gonna rock whenever I get to it.

Relientk771735d ago

I'm liking all these deals

BringingTheThunder1735d ago

very much thinking about getting warp

Thefreeman0121735d ago

I was hoping skyrim dlc would be marked down.... Too soon I guess

TrendyGamers1735d ago

Yeah, it might see a discount in December when Dragonborn comes out though.

CandyCaptain1735d ago

Dead Island GOTY edition is gonna be on sale at BestBuy for 7.99 on black Friday. You might want to pass on this deal.

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