First GTA IV Soundtrack Details

The first details on the Grand Theft Auto 4 soundtrack have surfaced on the internet, revealing the titles of sixteen songs. You should take this with a grain of salt though, as they have not been 100% confirmed by Rockstar yet.

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permutated3773d ago

Great, terrible POP music in a game that tries to 1up POP culture.

What ever happened to the Drum & Bass station like the one they had in GTA3?

Good sh*t.

doshey3773d ago

omg please tell me this game is going to have in game music cause if not then i will really hate this game

Winter47th3773d ago

The only radio station i care about is Chatterbox or one with talk shows, hope Laslow's back on this one.

permutated3773d ago

Lol, people disagree with me because I talk sh*t about pop music?

Grow up, c*nts.

doshey3773d ago

ya hope so too he was funny and yet also that was and has been my favorite station of all of them

Marty83703773d ago

People disagreed with you cos you called drum & bass good sh#t, I'd call it plain and simply sh#t music.

PopEmUp3772d ago

Love trance, drum and bass is not my taste and trance is what I love same with pop and R&B as well goes with soul that is the Sh*t but you saying pop is sh*t you my friend are out of word

Lifendz3772d ago

I'm not going to get into what kind of music I'd prefer nor will will I say which I don't prefer, I just know we're all different in this area so hopefully Sony allows us to enjoy this amazing game with our preferred music playing.

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xhi43773d ago

the previewers.

But i mean with 18 radio stations that means a MINIMUM of 180 songs, 17 different music genres (because one station is an all talk station).

Rockstar has never failed with their music.........and they sure havent this time. So much music is good for the soul. And its even better with the phone that you carry around being able to play music even when your out of the car..............thats awesomeee!

RenegadeValkyrie3773d ago

Wow, They have Queen? This could be the greatest GTA ever.

cr33ping_death3773d ago

ugh.....please let there be some truely good music for the rock station......because so far this list is crap

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The story is too old to be commented.