Wii U 'Has A Horrible, Slow CPU' Says Metro Last Light Dev

NowGamer: Wii U's tech specs aren't as impressive as initially thought and 4A Games won't be bringing Metro: Last Light to Nintendo's new console.

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NYC_Gamer1732d ago

4A games wouldn't make up bull shit when it comes to hardware specs.

decrypt1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

That's one developer that doesn't provide lip service :P


We know the CPU is worse.

When you consider the GPU, realise for a GPU to flex its muscles no matter how powerful, it needs Memory bandwidth.

After yesterdays corrected reports Wii U only sports 12GB/s Memory bandwidth, which is pathetic really.

GTX 680 is about the best GPU on the market right now. For those of you that have the luxury of owning one, you could install MSIafterburner and downclock the Memory speed, No need to touch the GPU Speed. You will see the 680GTX brought to its knees.

Bottomline is no matter how powerful a GPU is without memory bandwidth it will be starved waiting for the next set of data to come, till then it will just sit there wasting cycles. Hence regardless of whatever GPU the Wii U has, i do not see how it can overcome the memory bandwidth issue. It might peddle along with the current gen consoles, but come next gen Wii U will be in trouble.

bicfitness1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

I don't know why you're schooling me, as I already stated that "everything else was worse". Or maybe I'm just misreading your tone. The memory bandwith is as abysmal as the rest of this hardware design.

darthv721732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

SNES had a slow cpu as compared to the genesis. And yet we were treated to such games like DK country.

Bottom line, speed as we know and love it is not relative to actual efficiency. That is why cpu companies like AMD and Intel sort of changed the selling point to how much their cpu's can do rather than how fast.

I have often heard it explained like this. Which is more efficient? Having 10 workers at a steady pace or 2 that are really fast.

The 10 can do more work in the same amount of time or less than the 2 that are having to run around and cover.

When companies started introducing multicore cpus is when the actual "speed" began to slow because now the workload could be spread over the multiple cores. And the amount of power and heat could be reduced.

Speed goes down but efficiency goes up. People are thinking nintendo is trying to surpass MS and Sony. That is an obvious thought but in reality Nintendo looking to continue the trend of surpassing themselves.

We consumers are pitting each company against each other but on the company side they know their biggest competition is their own product line.

@decrypt & bicfitness. Why do people think of these systems in the PC sense? I understand their performance is and development are more akin with PC but their design is intended to reduce as much bottleneck as possible.

Reducing the number of traces and getting away from a split design and more inline with an all inclusive design adds to the efficiency. The example of a PC gpu / cpu is understandable for PC's. Consoles are closed nature and dont follow the same guidelines.

So wouldnt it be sufficient to say that because of the nature of consoles, the PC way of thinking just doesnt work?

bicfitness1732d ago

Darth, maybe you missed the part where its three enhanced broadway (Wii CPUs) stapled together. Bad CPU is bad. The low speed only adds to its fail. This isn't some genius, new-age, multi-threaded design, its a PPU core, which NO ONE uses anymore on account of its inefficiency.

-Superman-1732d ago

Why should i buy Wii U, when i already have Xbox 360 and PS3?

Wii U has so much less players(multiplayer), grahpic is kinda same, game they release are already released and already played on X360 or PS3. Also, it dosent have hard drive and blu-ray player. Also, X360 and PS3 are cheaper too.

Its like i re-buy new PS3 plus 100 euros for having some exclusive games that look same as ps3 or xbox 360, when next year we going to have new ps4 and x720. NO REASON AT ALL

kopicha1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

and i think people are also forgetting that it needs to power 2 screens simultaneously. especially if someone is going to make something fancy to be displayed on the gamepad screen along with what is already on the big screen. the GPU will definitely struggle a little there with that given memory bandwidth. dont get me wrong. i do not hate Wii U. still have plans to get one later when there are games that actually interest me compare to the current line ups. too little reason to go for it now from a PS3 + 360 owner. but from technical standpoint, it is clear this isn't next gen. More like an upgraded Wii with a different innovation with it's controller.

as much as I would want to try to agree with you. but your DK theory there is not a worth comparison. unless i remembered wrongly, the game uses SA1 chip onboard of the game to improve the graphics capability. So you are talking about the already "slow" cpu but addon with a secondary co processor of something to improve the game visually. much like how you need the memory pak in order to play majora's mask on N64 with an exception that SA1 is build within the cartridge rather than something you need to purchase separately like the memory pak. from PCs standpoint, I do not disagree that GPU usually plays a more important part than CPU when come to gaming performance. but during all these years, consoles kinda make this theory not very true in a way. computers are upgradable. but consoles ain't. developers tend to have to use both the cpu and gpu in a more efficient way than those developers trying to develop on PCs. since consoles have stagnant hardware. where a weak cpu on Wii U can actually pose a problem in long run. take a look at some of the best looking console games out there like Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Last of Us and God of War and etc.. it is known that 360 has a more powerful GPU than PS3 but yet not a single 360 game actually reach the fidelity on those visuals from the games mentioned. so imo... good GPU theory still stands for PC gaming. but in consoles, you can't depend on GPU alone. both are just equally important

T9001732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Nintendo better hope the casuals bite this one, they just might have a hard sell on their hands. With gaming PCs 8-10 times as powerful selling around 500usd.

PS3 and Xbox 360 both simular in power but selling cheaper having a much bigger community and establish online.

Dont see how this will work for Nintendo.

darx1732d ago

@ Darth, I'd take the two workers, it's better on my bottom line.

bozebo1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Memory bandwidth isn't the issue: graphical resources can be cached in eDRAM (which will be significantly faster than the 360 or PS3's RAM - it's right on the substrate with the CPU and GPU), you can't make direct comparisons to PC hardware there. Think of eDRAM as the equivalent of VMEM in PC graphics cards - except it won't have the capacity to store all the resources at once so they have to be switched a few times each frame (this is where it's heavy on RAM but nowhere near as slow as accessing the RAM directly from the fragment shaders)

The Wii-U is probably capable of better graphics than the 360 or PS3 (shaders units are newer and hence more feature complete and numerous) but due to what 4A are saying about the CPU, it wont be able to compute complicated physics and AI at the same time so it will miss out on a lot of multiplats.

Kingnichendrix1732d ago

I think you are behind in times the gtx690 is much more powerful than the 680 twice as powerful almost

StanSmith1732d ago

Are we all talking about the same dev here?

Metro 2033 was poorly optimised. So anything these guys say, I'll take with a pinch of salt.

DeadlyFire1732d ago

Nintendo is banking all of its money on the GPGPU to make up for the CPU power.

Its a complicated and new way to program things I believe, but when people learn to use it their way it could see much better than expected results, but I am doubtful CPU + GPGPU power will push games to a higher level than PS3/X360 with Physics, and AI capabilities and any other CPU heavy tasks. Doesn't mean we won't see a few great titles in its lifetime though. If any previous generation with less power has given you a game you love then its likely this one might as well at some point.

AMD could have given them an APU like AMD Llano and it would have been 100 times better for WiiU.

Only time will tell if developers can find an efficient way to utilize GPGPU+CPU power. Whatever amount there is under there.

fatstarr1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Because when its a PS3 article about graphics and some one just happens to mention a pc its disagree central and everyone is put into a state of delusion...

shaking my head, when its a Nintendo thing its all agrees.

people are so fake man, I don't get why the hate for Nintendo runs so deep. Nintendo will make due with its hardware, its the beginning of the generation, if the zelda tech demo was anything they will splash that Nintendo magic and make it work.

-Mario Galaxy 2
-Mario Galaxy
-Monster Hunter 3
-The Last Story
-Xenoblade Chronicles
-Tatsunoko vs Capcom
-Twilight Princess
-Skyward Sword
-Rayman Origins
-Sonic and the Black night + Colors

all visually impressive especially when you think of whats pulling it off, (the "inferior" specked wii)I cant wait to see the results of the wiiu come 2 years from now( don't dare forget the clay looking games from the 360's launch)

Remember "its about the studio, the engine and the time invested into making that platform shine" or at least that's what the fans of the hdtwins say. when it comes to the wii u though, automatically its specs this and that.

FYI friendly reminder 2x 260gtx and a quad core pretty much blow the 360 and the ps3 out of the water.

and call your self's hypocrites if you call out the wiiu( when its using all of these does all these graphics tricks that the ps3/360 are currently using) when its going against ps4/720 . also its really a generation leap from wii to wiiu

Bladesfist1732d ago

@King the GTX690 is not a GPU it is a graphics card containing two GTX 680 GPUS. That's like me saying that 2 PS3s are more powerful than one.

Sanquine901732d ago

Conclusion: Ninty just want so sell us a console as cheap as possible... ANd have profit:P But because the screen is expensive ( OF the gamepad) even then they sale at a loss.

Muerte24941731d ago

You can't simply look a a console as a PC. People were laughing at Sony's memory bandwith yet ps3 has some of the most visually stunning games this gen. Also XBox360 cpu isn't as fast as the Cell in ps3, but Halo 4 is graphically intense and maintains it's 30fps throughout the game. I just think this is the case of not enough manpower. Also it's not like it can't be done, this is just another case of market share developers. I think they're looking at the time and money that would go into it. It's an unnecessary expense when Wii U's market share is in it's infancy. But I'm 100% certain Wii U can run it with little to no problems.

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bicfitness1732d ago

They've (neogaf and Beyond 3D) have pegged it as a triple core, enhanced broadway chip - the same CPU found in the Wii.

The GPU is moderately better than last gen consoles, but everything else is worse except maybe disc read speed.

Kinda pathetic no matter which way you slice it.

Only Nintendo can get away with this crap. That's like Apple releasing a new phone with an A3 chip in it and an SD screen - they would be murdered.

Abdou231732d ago

If Apple did that it will sell like crazy, fanboys are blind.

SkullBlade1691732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Apple DOES get away with it, check out how powerful their macs are vs similar priced high end PCs...

Many people still try to say they're better.

darthv721732d ago

with the broadway design initially? It certainly got the job done for the wii so the idea of enhancing it for the wii-u seems the most logical.

It isnt like they took the same chip and made it faster. they took the chip and tripled it and made it faster.

so unless there was something completely wrong with the original idea behind broadway to begin with, there shouldnt be any reason to think this new super broadway is bad.

i know this has nothing to do with the PS3 but there have been many that say sony should keep the cell and improve on it for the ps4. If they did, would that not be the same case for them as it seems to be for nintendo?

It certainly makes sense from a cost perspective.

bicfitness1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

PPU is an awful, dated architecture - particularly the 7XX variant that the Wii and Wii U are using. What aren't you gettting, Darth? Not only that, but its underclocked to all Hell to keep heat and power consumption down. The average Nokia cell phone has a better - significantly better - CPU, and I'm not exaggerating.

I'm out of bubbles, and I don't think you understand the chip very well, so read up on PPU architecture and the Wii chip and you'll understand a bit better.

kopicha1732d ago


not that I have a problem with you. but you do make yourself sound like Apple die hard follower. Maybe you should take a look at how fast Apple discontinue their iPad3 and release a new one. If there is nothing wrong, they should have stick to their standard time line in replacing their hardware. Remember how they brag that it is 3x faster than Tegra. Yet a 6 months life span? Something that work previously does not mean it will work again.

metroid321732d ago

Then how an earth is black ops on wiiu in720p and gamepad on release with better textures and framerate shadows an lighting all on day 1 its because the power is in the gpgpu it hardly needs a cpu to make next gen games you coul say with wiiu having a cpu quite powerful is a bonus when the gpgpu takes care of mostly everything.

Its why randy pithford says the wiiu is a proper next gen system its just more powerful END OF.It supports UE4/CE3/Unity4/Retros new engine Hmmmmmm It can handle Metro with 10% of that GPGPU alone and the ram.

cyhm31121732d ago

the GPU isn't moderately better than last gen's, it just have more edrams, it is actually worse.

darthv721732d ago

i didnt even know apple fans had a particular sound to them.

i guess you could apply your logic to any type of fan. including star wars fans (to which i am). As every movie that comes out (good or bad) i have to see otherwise i cant really call myself a fan.

I can voice my concerns after but I have to do myself justice and at least see the movies for myself.

Now as to what a company does, that is their own thing and by no means are you obligated to follow them for every thing they do. That is personal choice. although I did say i am a fan of SW so i do follow that. go figure.

The lifespan of Pc hardware used to be something like over a year between cpu and graphic chip releases. then it became a competition to see who could get to 1000MHz first and it was AMD. So naturally you had similar competitions between chip makers like 3dfx and ATI and nvidia.

so yeah the 6mo cycle as it relates to Pc hardware....way more common than your example of apple and their ipad. By the time i save up to get a great graphics card for my pc it is now a so-so because it has been surpassed by something else within the 6-12mo time frame.

Its like the analogy of a new car. The second you drive it off the lot it is now lost its value. So when these consoles go into the R&D they are probably pretty good. Up until launch day then they are considered slow and outdated.

Computersaysno1732d ago

Nintendo may as well have stuck a modern ARM processor in there to be honest. If it is really just a triple core overclocked version of Wii's CPU then it is a piece of crap relative to modern designs.

Nintendo properly cheaped out here. They could have chosen literally any CPU design they wanted. Any ARM, any AMD x86. Any of IBM's modern parts.

But no. They looked at the ancient chip inside Wii and decided to trick it out with some wheel spinners and chrome paint and put it alongside a DX10 class GPU.


smoothdude1732d ago

Its called the iPad mini! LMFAO.

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Persistantthug1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

The Wii U(nderpowered).

Sorry...couldn't resist.

nirwanda1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

They should have named it the wii
. .
With the amount of people unhappy with the specs but nintendo will do what they always do and make unique games you cant play anywhere else, and will do unique things with the screen.
I bet the first add on to the controller will a camera for augmented reality around the house.