5 Things Wrong With Modern Gamers

A feature via in which the author details what is wrong with the modern gamers of today.

Quote: "How exactly do you classify yourself as a gamer? Is it because you play games all day everyday or is it because you play FIFA every second day or so. It’s a tough thing to categorise, but one thing is certain: there are a lot of “modern” gamers. A modern gamer, I believe, is someone that hasn’t been around when the early stages of gaming happened. Not exactly the origin of gaming (you have to be an extremely old bastard for that to be the case), but rather the stage where gaming became noticeable enough that it could support its own weight. If you want a certain age range then I guess someone in their teens or early twenties can be considered a modern gamer."

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prototypeknuckles1977d ago

The only one I have a problem with is hate because hate is cool I can turn that around and say defend something thats you know nothing about just to say its an underdog even though its really crap(DmC).

1977d ago
Nes_Daze1977d ago

They only found five?...

ape0071977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

fantastic 100% spot on article

ape0071977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

i hate "lol kids like cod" argument, i mean that is the most irrational argument ever, my absolute fav FPS ever were Goldeneye and perfect dark, i was 9-12 Years old at that time, yes kids love shooters and action games, to be honest action was more exciting to me when i was kid-teenager

bronxsta1977d ago

I know what you mean. Personally I can't stand multiplayer. I rarely, if ever touch the multiplayer components of the games I buy (which is why I prefer single player only games)

Now I'm 20, but my 10 year old brother has already prestiged in Moden Warfare 3 and wants Black Ops 2, because that's what's all the boys in his class are playing.

ape0071977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

i like both single player and MP but i think shooters single player modes were better back in the today, i mean there is nothing now that is on the level of Perfect Dark, GE007, Half life 2, time splitters etc.. but other than the MP is amazing and truly evolved with time, the single player FPS game im looking forward next is BIOSHOCK INFINITE

next gen, WE WANT BOTH

MilkMan1977d ago

Great article, couldn't have written it better myself. By the way, I hate you.
(just kidding)
Seriously, It was awesome.

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