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Submitted by Tolkoto 1179d ago | review

GamesBeat: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale successfully brings the fight to Smash Bros. (review)

The endless comparisons to Super Smash Bros. may seem unfair, but the reality is that most consumers will take one look at PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and immediately compare it to Nintendo’s popular series. Luckily for Sony, All-Stars stacks up well against such fierce competition. This game offers a potential for endless hours of fun. (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3) 90/100

wita  +   1179d ago
crazytown99  +   1179d ago
I wonder if Microsoft will make a character brawler now. Just a bunch of space marines punching each other forever.
Locksus  +   1179d ago
Lol. I'd really love to see Microsoft reboot the Killer Instinct series as was rumored a month or two back!
darkronin229  +   1179d ago
And the final boss would be Blinx: The Time Sweeper
SybaRat  +   1179d ago
You had me at "beat up people."
kesvalk  +   1179d ago
i hope this forces nintendo to up the ante in the smash, cuz brawl was very so-so, if it wasn't for the awesome mods i would have played that game maybe... 5 months.

FYI i still play it since the launch, brawl+ and Brawl- is just absolutely awesome.
MissKitteh  +   1179d ago
This looks super cool, I can't wait!
banjadude  +   1179d ago
Just got the game about an hour ago, and it's a blast! It's a shame I time out every third match though (my internet connection is awful).
ZodTheRipper  +   1179d ago
Great review.

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