Weekly Premium Content Roundup

It's the Game Developers Conference next week. That's exciting because The Big Three will probably announce something or other. Sony presence is a little diminished this year, which is disappointing when you consider Phil Harrison took to the stage to unveil PlayStation Home and LittleBigPlanet in 2007. Developers will also do their fair share of the talking, with Molyneux, Levine and Meier all pipped to do some chin-wagging - Peter Molyneux dazzled us by revealing the dog in Fable 2 last year

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niall773835d ago

HOME given a release date, a full release or Beta

Gears of War2 to be hinted at but not shown

more crazy new ideas from Little Big Planet, Q2 demo announced

resistance 2 tech demo.

MS to cut 360 price across all sku's

Nintendo to do nothing really... show off the Wii Fit balance board

and Im sure there will be new IP's from everyone.

Mr_Kuwabara3835d ago

Let's face it, Sony really showed they big guns on last years conference. This year, they might give some new info as to when this products will see the light or; they might probably surprise us with a new SKU or probably something bigger.....

We'll see I guess. =P