Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse Available Now

Watch the Launch Trailer And Check Out A Few Screens. All the info you need to know about the game as well.

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Jinkies1978d ago

Sigh...this game could of been so much more

It looks like a boring third person shooter, if Activision let the studio work harder on this and give them the resources/money it could of turned into the Simpsons Hit and Run game for Family Guy...not making it an open world game was it's first mistake.

StanSmith1977d ago

Have you played it?

I'm thinking of buying it, but games like this usually drop in price quite quick. Not sure whether it would be worth the full asking price.

Jinkies1977d ago

My Brother has it....or had it, he's just sold it and it was terrible. The only thing is kind of liked was that the jokes were more or less the same as the show.

mtullock1977d ago

so me it looks like an updated version of that hideous south park shooter from the late 90s