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GameTrailers: "With a more deliberately-designed fighting system, Battle Royale strives for the sort of cred you’d sooner find in an arcade than a living room get-together. The end result is a serviceable party game that shoots for the stars but ultimately comes up short of its competitive aspirations. In its attempts to take its format in a different direction, it has inadvertently skewed itself away from the fundamentals that would make it work. In the end, you can safely say that Battle Royale is indeed not like Smash Brothers, but it might have been better if it were."

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Locksus1977d ago

The game is getting pretty good scores ranging from 6 to all the way up to 9. The game looks pretty good and I'd definitely get it had I the money. Gaming is a brutal hobby for one's wallet!

Mykky1977d ago

Agreed! What is important here is that those who have played the beta already know if they are going to get the game or not. I loved the beta but I think I'm going to wait for a price drop as I already emptied my wallet.
Probably a perfect christmas present though!

Locksus1977d ago

I agree. Christmas is the time of the year when I get to play some games I have missed this year!

NastyLeftHook01977d ago

let me tell you, my wallet is....i just can even

guitarded771977d ago

Yeah, I got CoD last Tuesday, Wii U and games on Sunday and now this in the mail today. Good thing I paid all of that off a couple months ago and have been saving money for Black Friday since. I missed out on AC3, Halo 4, NFS:MW, Forza, etc... but I plan on taking all the money I saved up and going ape poop this weekend with all the deals.

Locksus1977d ago

I envy you. We don't have Black Friday here in Europe so I'd have to find good deals elsewhere. Forza Horizon looks tempting and that's likely another game I'll add to my Christmas present wishlist.

Really, it sucks to be a student.

guitarded771977d ago

Yeah, you guys don't have Thanksgiving either, so it double sucks. Y'all should start having a Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday. Then you can eat a turkey and buy stuff cheap... it's an American tradition.

I'm 35 and work and go to university too for a career change. I know how it is to be broke. I spent 3 years being the only income between my wife and I, and paying for both of us to go to university. If I can offer you any hope, just know that it gets better, and your education will get you into a job where you can afford and have time to play all the games you desire. Best luck.

izumo_lee1977d ago

Like i said with a previous post. This is the FIRST game of what may be many more to come. To compare it to what i guess later installments of Super Smash is unfair. The first Smash was a great game but even that it was limited to a small roster & fundamentals that improved as the series went on. PSAS will follow the same idea, to improve with each installment, but for a first game it is pretty awesome.

Superbot intention was not to do better than Smash but to give Playstation fans a game that we dreamed of since Smash debut Nintendo. It is not here to be like Smash for crying out loud.

strigoi8141977d ago

sony players just want to have their own smash kind of this is a dream come true for me and some who own ps3 and vita..and i cant complain with the scores coming out wthether is a 6 or a 9..A or Z..i just want to enjoy thats it..and everybody has their own taste and opinion

SOULJER1977d ago

WOW. Gaytrailers really suck. LOL.

Ron_Danger1977d ago

Who let the 5 year old on the computer?

guitarded771977d ago

You know, I usually agree with GameTrailers reviews, and not IGN, but this is one of those rare occasions where I'm gonna agree with IGN. Seems GT is doing nothing but complaining the whole review, and the only good stuff they say is when they're talking about SSB. IGN on the other hand did everything in their review to separate PSASBR from SSB and review the game on its own merit. I played the closed and open beta, and have seen all the game modes... PSASBR is a fun party/fighting game. GT gave a decent (a little low IMO) score, but the talking points in the review were all negative. At that score, the talking points should have been a bit more positive.

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