D+PAD: Top 25 games coming in 2008

Issue 5 of D+PAD features "Spotlight on 2008", a countdown of the top 25 titles to look forward to this year. Which title should be at the top of your most wanted list? Page 10 onwards.

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sonarus3837d ago

like i said before these lists are a matter of opinion. I can;t really think of any game that deserved to be on there that didnt make it so i wnt complain but i can certainly think of a few games i didnt expect to be there (cough* banjo cough*). No offence to banjo fans but the game has hardly been announced we havnt seen a single screen shot and its already in top 25...and he's all the way at number 12. I felt resistance 2 deserved a little bit more respect 60 player online 8 player coop considering insomniacs track record thats a lot to get most anticipated at least past banjo and rainbow 6. I actually thought rainbow 6 vegas was a fantastic game though even though i foolishly bought it on ps3 when i played demo on my 360 i saw my mistake:(. Well i guess you can say resistance is a sequel but banjo hasnt been seen since n64 so its something to get excited about but i still think resistance deserved more. Over all great list. MGS4 seems to forever be second place to GTA but he'll always be number 1. To be honest GTA4 probably isnt even in my top 3. Not that i won't buy day one but GTA was just never a game i got excited about never a game i finished it was jst the game i played when i felt like doing anything i wanted. Here is my top 10 games for 2008
1.MGS4 (offcourse)
2.GT5 (with or without damage you are still number 2)
3.Ninja Gaiden 2 (super fast paced ultra hard action)
5.White Knight Chronicles (i jst love the gameplay)
6.Resistance 2
8.Alone in the dark (Tech demo was f'in awesome)
9.Killzone 2
10.Star wars force unleashed.

Just for fun instead of agreeing or disagreeing why don't we toss out most anticipated games

Bebedora3837d ago

I wasn't the one disagreeing with you. Preferences are personal, and I accept that that's how it is.

tony3837d ago

i believe alone in the dark, far cry 2,and killzone 2 its a top 5.

adalwolfe3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

for the record i did not disagree with you either, for the same reasons as above.. but my most anticipated games of '08 are:

1) age of conan
2) rainbow six 2
3) GTA4
4) Huxley
5) too human
6) Gears of war 2
7) Ninja Gaiden 2
8) splinter cell conviction
9) army of two
10) tom clancys end war

fable 2, allen wake, elveon, alone in the dark, an star wars force unleashed, are up there as well, generally though i prefer multiplayer games with a lot of customization.

sonarus3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

i never really cared for alone in the dark till i saw the tech demo thats why its so low on my list. Most tech demo's dnt live up to the final game so i am still slightly skeptical. I didnt add in a couple like I am not really a pc games kind of guy since i dnt own 1 that can run games reasonably all i have is a laptop so i ommited far cry i dnt believe it will look as good on consoles as it will on pc but if it does then it will find its way in my top 10 replacing star wars. i really wanted to put in fallout 3 cus i have been hearing its amazing but never played the previous titles so i cnt really say. Killzone 2 looks great i am loving the cover based gameplay but the game still looks extremely linear imo but thats just 1 stage so giving them benefit of the doubt. I also wanted to put in alan wake but havnt seen much RE5 i heard might not comeout this yr. Was trying to keep my list limited to games that are likely to comeout this yr.

adalwolfe3836d ago

i didn't list pc games either... just console, mainly 360

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Bebedora3837d ago

I don't know but is Uncharted 2 coming this year? If so, it should be racked up in my top10.

I'd drop GT5 for that. Never gonna enjoy it without a G25 wheel and seat.

sonarus3837d ago

yea thats why you have to get one lol

stoo313837d ago

List like this are always subject to opinion but it's good to be reminded of the games you've forgotten about

sonyfanonly3837d ago



witchking3837d ago

... can they be, when the cover lists a review for Advance Wars: Dark Conflict? I believe the most recent Advance Wars is Days of Ruin.

stoo313837d ago

That's rather a silly comment, days of ruin is the American name for the same game. The magazine is well designed and written and about the best thing in a monthly digital format you can get.

DPAD Dave3837d ago

What stoo31 said.

Dark Conflict is the European name for Days of Ruin.