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For all of SuperBot's noble efforts in creating an accessible yet technical fighter, you can't play PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale without ever feeling like something crucial is deeply lacking. The weak roster and poor presentation actively works against the title, and while there's enjoyment to be found this is a game that's highly unlikely to stick in your mind or, more vitally, ever be asked for at parties.

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NastyLeftHook02009d ago

ouch, not what i would have given it but oh well, there are plenty of mixed scores. anyways good job superbot.

Nitrowolf22009d ago

i feel like he spent half the review complaining about how it's advertisement for upcomign games (MGS:R, Bioshock (does that even have Big daddy?) DmC).

IDK I don't have an issue with who's in the game, just who's not. I'll admit, the main arcade did seem a bit flat even with the ending boss (actually found that t be the msot disappointing about the game).

Otherwise for me it's def an 8.

NastyLeftHook02009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

i agree, i would give it a 8.

edit: below, they will probably add them as dlc later.

Chuk52009d ago

That's a problem imo. Like Sony has so many damn characters. Why on earth would the chose some of the characters they did? Why a big daddy, Raiden or even the new dante? Why both Coles? I think they missed an opportunity to dig into a war chest of mascots. It would have given the game more personality, and I could definitely feel that it needed more of that while I was playing.

G20WLY2009d ago

lol a 6/10? Wtf, okay mate, hope you enjoyed your rant; perhaps write another review WHEN YOU'VE PLAYED IT! :P

Chuk52009d ago


Are you talking to me?

Pozzle2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

I get why Raiden, Big Daddy and Cole are in the games since they're practically Sony staples at this point...but I do agree that the addition of new-Dante seems like nothing more than a promotional tool for DmC. Because regardless of whether you like or hate new-Dante, there's no denying that he isn't as memorable or iconic as the old-Dante. Heck, new-Dante only appears in one game (not counting All-Stars) and it isn't even out yet!

Army_of_Darkness2009d ago

I actually agree with this review and what he is complaining about. Too reliant on 3rd party characters and to make matters worst, those 3rd party characters don't define the playstations golden ages from the ps1/ps2 era. My thoughts are exactly what he said, its just a big advertisement for upcoming 3rd party games. When you really look at it, this game is not fan service for us PlayStation owners who supported Sony since the ps1 days...
I personally don't think superbot put enough effort into this. Allstars could easily have at least 40+ with first and 3rd party combined which is why I'm very disappointed with the 20 characters in the final game.

JoGam2009d ago

This is why I stop visiting other site and only visit...www.I do my own for all my gaming needs. Smh

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DivineAssault 2009d ago

Haters.. good reviews elsewhere.. Cant be any lower than an 8

ritsuka6662009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Weak roosters? Dafuq? "

Dante instead of Crash is a no weak rooster? Weak roster, and bland gameplay. Honestly they have really missed a great opportunity here for put a better characthers.

TheEnigma3132009d ago

Off brand website seeking hits

GreatTeacherOnizuka2009d ago

big ouch.

such a crappy score.
glad i did not pre-order this garbage

Chuk52009d ago

It's a better fighter mechanically then Smash Bros is. It's just some of the roster choices and a general feeling of sterility that hold it back. If I had a PS3, I would still buy it, based on my experience with it.

krazykombatant2009d ago

How can it possible be a better fighter than Smash Bros???? You can't even get people out of the map you gotta grind the fight out to use your "special" to kick them out! What a joke.

Chuk52009d ago

It's more mechanically nuanced. I love smash bros, but it's pretty simplistic in comparison. I still prefer smash bros when all is said and done.

TheEnigma3132009d ago

You probably don't even have a ps3.

moegooner882009d ago

So it is safe to say we won't see you commenting in any of the 8 and 9 scored reviews

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