1UP Debates: Developers Say The Darnedest Things!

1UP Reports: This week, having each been given the chance to speak freely, two noted game developers -- Shigeru Miyamoto and Cliff Bleszinski -- managed to impart some potentially audience-alienating sentiments.

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blynx1823659d ago

Or sheer honesty and opinion? :o

Lord_Ash3659d ago

No matter how stupid a devoleper or producer sounds, they can’t beat a dumb PR.

thedude176553659d ago

for all the people in japan who purchased Wii Fit thinking that it will help them lose weight, because i guaranty that is what they thought it was for. But on the other hand i still have to give props for nintendo bring to light a serious issue regarding gaming fitness in general. everyone knows that on average gamers are not the most active and in shape, atleast they can combine their favorite hobby with activity, and bring awareness to their own bodies physical specs.

TheWickedOne3658d ago

With a title that has "Fit" in it you would assume it would help you get "fit". Another to make a buck. But I love nintendo.