Persona 4: Golden is secretly multiplayer, and you’ll love it (review) | VentureBeat

Persona 4: Golden is a beautiful and content-rich bundle of joy for Vita owners looking to dust off their woefully undersupported handhelds.

The subtle incorporation of new characters, scenarios, and even online connectivity takes full advantage of the new hardware without compromising content or story quality.

But Persona 4 isn’t for the faint of heart.

Playing it is a very long but ultimately rewarding journey full of unforgettable characters.

It’s just a shame that Chie’s new voice can sometimes distract from her depth and place in the story.

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wita2007d ago

Wow, pretty high score.

Caligula2007d ago

Finally, a VIta game worth playing.

wita2007d ago

I think there are a few -- like Gravity Rush and Ragnarok Odyssey. The problem is, when will the Vita itself be worth buying?

Tolkoto2007d ago

Man I am pumped for this.

barefootgamer2007d ago

I haven't used my Vita in a few months. I might dust it off and pick this up!

SybaRat2007d ago

Viva Vita! ...for another month, anyway.

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