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EuroGamer: "But as a serious fighting game Battle Royale is, like its inspiration, too scrappy, too random and too unfocused to warrant the accolade. Meanwhile, as a celebration of lineage, the game boasts far fewer extras than 2008's comprehensive expression of the fan service fighter, Super Smash Bros. Brawl - and, perhaps, Sony lacks the lineage for a celebration on this scale. An enjoyable, workable clone then - and a surprisingly un-cynical one - but lacking the raw ingredients to truly replicate Nintendo's success in this niche."

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NastyLeftHook01255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

looking good.

wow a disagree, bring em lol.

Jinkies1255d ago

"An enjoyable, workable clone then"

A clone...really, I thought we were past this

I think it's differn't enough then Super Smash Bros, why is it people forget that SSB basicaly copied the arcade game The Outfoxies.

JellyJelly1255d ago

Exactly. It's as stupid as saying trophies are a copy of achievements.

neoMAXMLC1255d ago

Or that Avatars are a copy of Miis.

Sizzon1255d ago

I'm a huge PS fan, owned all three PS consoles and a PSP, although sold it like my DS not very interested in handhelds.

But this is a clone of Smash Bros wich is an amazing franchise.

Ron_Danger1255d ago

I know, right?! The Sony version of Mario plays just like the smash bros. character... Same with Samus and Link... And the way the Pattapon guys fight Hades is such a rip off... Clone indeed!


Sizzon1255d ago

I played the beta and this is my opinion.

brew1255d ago

Although the score is good , it's terrible review to read through , especially the part about Sony not having enough appropriate characters. There's already A bunch characters that they didn't use like Gabe Logan , Dat , Jen Tate , and Wander as some examples , as well as recent Sony characters like Kat and Emmet Graves that can clearly fight -(coming as free DLC).

Kennytaur1255d ago

The most important part of this game is the possibility of a sequel, remember Melee?

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