PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Review [GameRevolution]

GR: It’s largely a matter of opinion, but many may consider PlayStation to have the best cast of characters throughout three generations of platforms. Sure, Nintendo has Mario, Link, and Samus, but outside of the big three, the roster in Super Smash Bros. isn’t anything to brag about. I’m looking at you, Ice Climbers.

PlayStation, on the other hand, has no one near Mario status. But with 20 total playable characters each equally worthy of fans’ cheers and jeers, and each with plenty of personality and style, the roster here is a more complete package. And you might say that third-party franchises, like Tekken or Metal Gear Solid, were at one point synonymous with PlayStation.

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doctorstrange1976d ago

Ice Climber was awesome. Just sayin'

Sev1976d ago

Hahahahahahah... NO!

dbjj120881976d ago

I did like the Ice Climber stage in Super Smash Bros. Such entertaining chaos.

alexcosborn1976d ago

Great review. Can't wait to try out all the characters for myself!

insertcoin1976d ago

I wish it wasn't so dependent on super move building.

dbjj120881976d ago

I really liked the level design in the beta. Can't wait to get into the rest of the game.

JonnyBigBoss1976d ago

Not bad... not bad at all.

knifefight1976d ago

I can't read that sentence without hearing the voices of Oblivion NPCs. ^^;;

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