PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale Review [PlayStation LifeStyle]

PSLS: It has been a long time coming, longer than it even should feel thanks to the endless rumors and leaks that occurred ahead of the PlayStation All-Stars official announcement. It’s a game that the PlayStation community has long been dreaming about, ever since Nintendo released their first franchise mash-up brawler, Super Smash Bros. With the same goals in mind—putting each respective brand’s biggest and brightest stars on its roster into one game—they’re bound to draw many comparisons. PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale is no longer just a dream or a rumor, it’s a real game, ready to make its way into the hands of PlayStation fans everywhere as of today, and it’s time to see if it has the chops to roll with Smash Bros‘ punches.

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alexcosborn1883d ago

Psh. Jak & Daxter are far superior.

Sev1883d ago

Kratos and Nariko. Oh, and Raiden.

dbjj120881883d ago

I see your Drake and raise you a Big Daddy. /innuendo

insertcoin1883d ago

Now we need a PSAS vs. Super Smash Bros. Come on, Japan, make it happen!

dbjj120881883d ago

If Tekken and Street Fighter can crossover, anything is possible!

doctorstrange1883d ago

With Wii U and Vita+PS3 it'd even be technically possible. Technically, not realistically :(

ftwrthtx1883d ago

Buy it once, play it twice. Great idea and a great game.