IGN: Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Review

Colin Moriarty:
"I know it’ll be hard for some skeptics to believe, but PlayStation All-Stars is its own game, and it even happens to do some things better than what inspired it. Give it a try and see for yourself."

+ Fun, dynamic gameplay
+ Unique goal and scoring system
+ Robust roster of characters, stages
+ Great cross-play, cross-save Vita/PS3 options

– Lack of presentational quality

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Chuk52012d ago

I'm happy this game turned out well. I liked what I played of it. they should getr weirder with the characters next time though. Like, throw captain blasto in there or something.

NeverEnding19892012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

It should be a 9/10. I guessing the docked point is because IGN has an app on Xbox Live.

Edit: Uh oh, the people agreeing with me didn't realize I was being sarcastic :|

blitz06232012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

8 is a damn good score, especially with all the hate the game was getting before this day.

Interestingly enough, the only con he mentioned in the end was the lack of presentational quality, so 8 seems too low if you only judge by the summary. Still, if that's the only thing that stood out negatively, I have a lot to look forward to in the game

JoGam2012d ago

I just read the Walking Dead review and IGN gave that game one negative too but scored it higher. Reviews are too funny.

xursz2012d ago

why would you complain over a 1/10 difference in your opinion to his?

shammgod2012d ago

Reverse trolling?!?! Nice touch!

Outside_ofthe_Box2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

lol I just addressed you in the gamespot review.

Looks like good or bad review people like NeverEnding are going to be bringing up the "live app" when it comes to PS games.


Anyway we should be giving SuperBot a lot of credit for being able to make this game so solid that a lot of reviewers are actually judging the game on it's own merit and thereby seeing how good Battle Royale really is.

It's really tough for a dev to make a game in genre that is dominated by a great and established game without people comparing it to the standards of that established game.

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Jinkies2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

An 8 really, from what i've played of it, it's at least a 9

So the same old crap Black Ops 2 gets a 9.3 for example, yet a well made, creative new game like this gets an 8.

I'm not saying an 8 is rubbish or I'm not happy with it, it's just the review dosen't really fit the score, I mean it sounds like he enjoyed it alot...

Hell even an 8.3/8.5/8.8 since the scoring has reverted back to the old ways but just an 8....come on IGN, even Borderlands 2 DLC for example, Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage Review got an 9.3

See blitza0623 gets it above

"Interestingly enough, the only con he mentioned in the end was the lack of presentational quality, so 8 seems too low if you only judge by the summary"

Thats what I'm talking about, the review dosent really match the score.

Chuk52012d ago

Well, it's not the same reviewer. It's not like tom chic who gave halo 4 a 1, and then gave black ops 2 a four. Different writers at ign.

kopicha2012d ago

IGN is IGN. Their review score is last thing on earth that matters

ape0072012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

this is a clone of Smash, CoD is CoD, many copied and many failed

Jinkies2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Super Smash Bros is basicaly a clone of the Arcade game the Outfoxies...whats your point.

If the same old game with minor improvments can keep getting good scores why is it games like this where the developers have slaved over the game to make it good get lower ones despite it being a nice change the standard FPS games we keep getting.

Besides like I've said above the only con he mentioned was the Presentation but even then how did menus and cut scenes drop it by 20 in the review. It dosent really make sense, it seems like a small flaw to drop the score that low. It's at least a solid 9 by what he's writen about it

SoapShoes2012d ago

Call of duty was just a Medal of Honor clone and a clone of every other shooter when it made the switch to modern.

ape0072012d ago

smash bros is the king of that genre and MOH was made by former IW devs

Sizzon2012d ago

Yes it is a clone, a big Playstation fan myself, just gotta accept the facts here.

despair2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )


you do realise that MoH has been around longer than Call of Duty right? Also this game has more differences than similarities to Smash, play it first then criticize.

Count2012d ago

The ''same old game'' with ''minor improvements''? Sounds to me like you're undermining the games in question a lot.

Firstly, compare the Outfoxies arcade game that Super Smash Brothers was based off of to any Super Smash Brothers game. You cannot sit there and tell me that it's ''minor improvements'' and the ''same old game''. Honestly.

kupomogli2012d ago


Exactly, and you can't say the same about Playstation All Stars. The games while looking the same, are very different.

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Norrison2012d ago

It's clear you don't know how epic the DLC is in Borderlands. If you don't like the review go find another review, there's plenty with better scores.

ambientFLIER2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Creative new game? Really????? Lol. It's smash brothers with Sony characters. I have nothing against it; the more the merrier, in fact, but creative it is not...

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WildStyles2012d ago

This game is getting nothing but 8's and 9's. Can't wait to play this.

NastyLeftHook02012d ago

stop complaining! an 8 is a good score! well done super bot!

KingOptimusAscend1112012d ago

Yes!!! Finally IGN does something right.

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