PixelJunk Monsters Expansion on the Way

Kotakuite Tim R. loves PixelJunk Monsters. He loves it so much that he emailed creator Q-Games begging for a sequel or expansion. He soon received an email back from a Q-Games employee that revealed an expansion is already in the works.

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TheWickedOne3837d ago

Awesome. Hopefully it'll only be a buck or two.

Skerj3837d ago

Woot, that game is crack in game form. I wonder if the expansion will have more towers or just more levels.

TheDarkHado3837d ago

I can not put this game down. i need one more rainbow to move to the volcano part. New towers would be nice or tweaking some of the old towers.

Proxy3837d ago

And maybe random level lay outs too.

Maybe outside the main game there could be a random map generator to keep you busy.

Skerj3836d ago

Wouldn't that be damn near impossible to beat?

pwnsause3837d ago

there should be co-op over the internet if there is a expansion.

Milkman5413837d ago

Yes Online Co-Op for sure! Along with some new levels and monsters and this would be one killer game!

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The story is too old to be commented.