Mass Effect 4: The Future Of BioWare's Series

NowGamer: BioWare's new Mass Effect game is currently in development at BioWare Montreal, but just where can the series go? Prequel or sequel?

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Dovahkiin2014d ago

Looking forward to playing as a new character, assuming that is the case. I love the ME universe.

Zha1tan2014d ago

Bioware once a great developer like so many others before EA got their grubby little mits all over you.


deletingthis346753342014d ago

ME3 is my last BioWare game. Not going to even play the third DA either. They abandoned their loyal fans for the MTV/ADD crowd because of their crave for some extra cash. Fail company is fail...

da_2pacalypse2014d ago

I feel like an idiot when I actually look forward to DA3 :( I'm such a huge fan of the series, I've read all the books, comics, and played all the games and have full gamerscore on them... But in my heart, I know DA3 will probably be just as disappointing as DA2 :(

Zha1tan2013d ago

I was crushed by the old republic but yet again just another MMO with content you could complete within a month with no end game other than 3 PVP arenas.

And people wonder why everyone goes back to WoW in the end, its a juggernaught with to much content which is why Blizzards new MMO Titan is taking so long to develop.

TotalSynthesisX2014d ago

Why a prequel or sequel? I figured they would write an entirely new story with the same setting as it has been in the past three games, just with new characters, a new threat, and new events.

Like the article said, a sequel that follows the same storyline as Mass Effect 3 would have to be MASSIVE in order to cover every ending. What happens when all life is merged with synthetics (Synthesis)? What about when all technology was destroyed (Destruction)? Or when we made nice with the Reapers (Control)? Or, lastly, how can you make a decent sequel when all intelligent life in the galaxy is destroyed (Refusal)? The possibilities of subsequent events would take years and years to write and program, and I doubt even next-next-gen consoles would have the storage space to hold such a game.

As for prequels, it would have to be a contained story that can't change the current storyline. If so, there's a possibility it may be less interesting and significant than the first three games (Admit it: What is more interesting and significant than uniting a galaxy full of diverse alien species to fight a synthetic race of world-destroyers that wipe out all organic life every fifty thousand years?).

I just think it would be easier for all of us if Bioware just went the alternate storyline idea rather than being forced to choose between the confined, canonically-correct prequel/sequel route.

Not sure if I made sense with any of that.

Blastoise2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Just make something else already. I'm tired of spacey third person shooters/RPG's.

I wish Bioware would just go back to making good games like Knights of the old republic and balders gate

They've been a shell of their former self for the entire generation

Godmars2902014d ago

If They're asking players what they want in the wake of not giving them what they wanted to the bad degree they did with ME3, then I'm not seeing good things.

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