“Gangnam Style” steps to Dance Central 3 this month

It's no surprise that “Gangnam Style” has been one of the most requested songs for Dance Central 3 this year and Harmonix has heard the request and is bringing the craziness of PSY's “Gangnam Style” to Dance Central's servers on November 27th. That’s only one week away!

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Jobesy2159d ago

I think (hope) the gangnam style phenomenon has passed. So annoying.

Pozzle2159d ago

I thought it had already passed, tbh.

Knight_Crawler2159d ago

Trsut me it has not...I was watching Soccer, Anerican Football, Basket ball and some player are still doing the dance after they score.

President Obama also did the dance at one of his parties.

Embeepee2159d ago

This could be a good system seller for the 360

0pie2159d ago

the dlc is too late to care about.

kingPoS2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

Like most songs, it can become a tiresome thing. I merely see it as a gateway to kpop. Heck I already like a few k-drama's myself.