Is the PlayStation Vita dead? Um, no.

PS3 Attitude: "Unfortunately, things just got a whole lot worse for the Vita, with the release of the abysmal Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified last week. The negative reception of the game has led certain websites to claim this is the final nail in the coffin for the console, with one publication writing, ‘in reporting its [Declassified’s] failure we feel like we’re writing an obituary for the PS Vita itself’.

However, I hope to prove that claims of the handheld being dead are completely unfounded, and genuinely nothing more than shoddy and sensationalistic journalism."

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Stuart57561949d ago

It's as simple as this, really, if you own a PS Vita and you play it and enjoy playing it then it's not dead. I own one, I've got Uncharted, MGS HD Collection, loads of PSOne Classics (Resi Evils, Silent Hill 1, Metal Gear 1), I've got Both Vice City & liberty City Stories, gunna get Assassins Creed 3 and new Need For Speed. It's certainly not dead for me, anyone saying it's dead wether they own one or not simply doesn't appreciate good gaming platforms and good games!

DolphGB1949d ago

I wish it were that simple. What if the Vita does so badly that Sony can't support the platform any longer? Sure, you'll be enjoying it, but a year later you'll have no games to play.

This article is worth reading properly - explains the future of the console well and why owners should have hope that the future of the Vita is bright. A good read...

oONinjavitiSOo1949d ago

It's not really doing to bad. It has sold 3,237,484 world wide which if everyone bought only the wifi version thats equals out to $809,371,000 again that is if people bought wifi only. Now on to software sales which is around 6,627,536 world wide which equals out to $198,826,080 if all games purchased were only $30(most are $40). To me these numbers look pretty solid. Definitely not worried about the vita.

CommonSenseGamer1949d ago

How many billions have been invested bringing the Vita to market? How much are they losing on each unit sold? Of greater concern is how profitable is it for developers?

oONinjavitiSOo1949d ago

I do not have those you? If you do please post. All I can comment on is the numbers I am presented with. Those just happen to be sales. So if you have all these other figures I would definitely be interested in veiwing said data.

profgerbik1949d ago

Well sadly I still owned a Dreamcast for a while and even played it but I can confirm that system is indeed dead.

Off topic really.. and yes I own a Vita but just felt like saying that.

jony_dols1949d ago

The Vita's future really does depend on this holiday season; if it performs well then it'll encourage 3rd party publishers & dev's to keep up their support for the platform.

If it's sales are poor then unfortunately the Vita will die a slow, undeserved death...

Rumplebumpkin1949d ago

Says JellyJelly, a 1 bubble troll that doesn't belong in this article.

Tonester9251949d ago

Playstation All-Stars just came out today! Nope!

Der_Kommandant1949d ago

Mine is just gathering dust

KosmoCrisis1949d ago

I can't stand people who throw money around and buy the "latest" piece of gaming hardware to show off, and then later say to all their friends, "mine is just gathering dust".

What you mean is "I'm too rich to care but I'm still on gaming sites talking about it."

You may not play your Vita, but you're thinking about it all the time and therefor your Vita is not dead. Otherwise, I'd expect you to give it away to somewhere in this thread. Obviously, if you allow your dead epithelial cells to coat your expensive handheld then you can give it away to someone that will play it.

tgcorke1949d ago

The only arguments I've seen for suggesting the Vita is failing is that EA, Ubisoft and Activision aren't taking it that seriously. Frankly, if you base your judgement on a console on whether those three care about it then you deserve to be disappointed. They'll always stick with what's safe and profitable. Uncharted Golden Abyss, Rayman Origins, Resistance, Super Monkey Ball, Wipeout, Gravity Rush and many others are where the quality is at, not in a re-skinned Fifa clone. In fact, it's probably to Vita's benefit that the big three don't care that much about it - maybe it can avoid their toxicity a little while longer than most systems.

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