Entertainium's Shadow of the Colossus HD Review

Is this HD remake worth stabbing? Entertainium answers that and a few more questions in our review of Shadow the Colossus HD.

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Axecution1976d ago

Shadow of the Colossus a 3/5 lmao okay

Hicken1976d ago

I don't agree with that, either.

AusRogo1976d ago

Is it really that good? Man I still haven't even played it yet..

Imalwaysright1976d ago

Imo SoTC is better than 99.5% of games released this gen so yeah to me at least is that good.

frjoethesecond1976d ago

Trolling for hits it seems.

Wintersun6161976d ago

So he didn't learn to control the horse and he thinks the game is repetitive? WTF?! Yes, you can describe the game as Find Colossi, Kill Colossi, repeat 15 times, but the battles make this game the opposite of repetitive.

Finalfantasykid1976d ago

I could see this game being amazing when it first came out on the PS2(sorry, I never played it when it first came out), but after playing the HD remake I felt the same as this review. The gameplay just seemed dated, and I also found it repetitive. Ico on the other hand was awesome, probably because the control system was so simple, and it is hard for a simple control scheme to be dated. Both are great in 3D I should add, especially ICO, I was left wowed many times.

For me ICO = 5/5, SOTC = 3.5/5

terrorofdeath1976d ago

Question, is the frame rate better now in the remake? That kinda bothered me in the original.
Otherwise, amazing game.

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