McFarlane launches one hot Halo 3 website

In preparation of the March launch of their first series of Halo 3 action figures, the McFarlane team has launched a brand new and heavily Halo 3 inspired website showcasing their complete line of action figures goodness.

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aDub3805d ago

I can't say that I have seen many action figure web sites but this one is slick... it's menu system and look mimic Bungie's game quite well and the well done quicktime VR for each item - this all seems pretty sophisticated for a toy action figure line.

r3xmund13805d ago

Site design is amazing nice seamless integration into the game... love it, but where are the cool weapons!

r3xmund13805d ago

TBH I love the sculpt , but the weapon selection is poop...

wheres the Sniper Rifle and Sword!!!

C'mon Todd wake up..... an smell the plasma, we ALL love snipers!